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Friday, July 6, 2012

Thundercats: Unreleased Toys in the Philippines!

07.06.2012 – If the planet of Thundera is doomed in the original series what happens now after the first season of the Thundercats has ended last month? There was still licensed merchandise coming out even though the series as loomed in limbo.

Bandai the toy manufacturer who brought back the toys has gone and released a third wave of those 4” and 6” inch action figures. The Philippines only got the first wave since last April courtesy of Bankee Trading which is the toy distributor for all Bandai products.

The series looked promising and still being shown in Cartoon Network Philippines, but in North America there were questions left unanswered which is the real fate of the series. The toys are great no doubt about it with the Thunder Lynx gimmick and all but what does it take to make this series return for a second season?

Though we don’t want to give details what really happened in the series for our Filipino viewers who religiously follow Thundercats on Cartoon Network. For those who have the ways and means and already have seen the season finale it leaves us a cliffhanger.

This takes us back to what happened to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Mike Young animation studio leaving us with in the dark on the Snakemen invasion.

But none the less just like the TV series being left in the dark so is the next wave toys IF they are going to make it in the Philippines. The second and third wave of toys looks mighty interesting for any of us to miss this in the toy shelves. This reminds us about the Tron Legacy toys we reported that never made it to Philippine stores last year.

If you look closely at the 12” Armor of Omens that has a repaint 4” inch of Lion-O in gold would definitely want this for your collection. This made its appearance in one episode of the show which doesn’t look like that big on the new TV series.

The other figures that’s definitely not going to make it are 4” inch figures of Claudius, Slythe, the cyborg version of Panthro, Grune, the open and closed wing versions of Mumm-Ra The Ever Living, Lion-O with the additional two power stones that made the claw shield now looking like his right arm of the Armor of Omens, and finally the 6” inch Cheetara action figure. Not to forget the Classics version of Mumm-Ra The Ever living (not pictured).

If you think the Thundertank and the Tower of Omens are not in Philippine stores inquire with Ban Kee Toys directly for more details if they have them in-stock. LIKE their Official Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter: @BankeeToys

Thundercats airs on Cartoon Network Philippines (Channel 43 on Sky Cable and channel 51 on Global Destiny Cable) weekends at 8:30PM. LIKE their Official Facebook and follow them also on Twitter: @CNPhilippines

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