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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jollibee's Kids Meal Toy "Spider Toss" is Not Exclusive!

07.01.2012 – We previously featured Jollibee’s Kids Meal for July 2012 those have all three toys available in the Philippines. Thanks to Rockfield who commented about this and we just found out that the Spider Toss is not a Jollibee exclusive meal toy.

It turns out that particular toy is also available as part of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Chucky Meal Toy in Malaysia. Unfortunately the Chucky Meal in the Philippines has been discontinued which is available in some parts of the world.

It’s interesting news that the Spider Toss toy for Jollibee is also part of the Chucky Meal Toy for KFC. The Chucky Meal Toys from KFC this month looks mighty interesting with a few more toys that are a bit better than what Jollibee has on their Kids Meal. If you happen to be in Malaysia you all are fortunate to have these cool collectibles…

Previously we mentioned that Jollibee’s quality of Kids Meal Toys are declining and based on the other toy meals from other fast food restaurants they have way better promotions. But what Jollibee have is the limited edition tumbler which by now the hottest Spider-Man collectible in Manila now.

But the with this interesting news has come out Jollibee, should put back quality in their Kids Meal Toys, since its not only the kids are buying their products its also collectors too and still McDonald’s have the best Happy Meal toys around.

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