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Friday, August 24, 2012

Warner Bros. Philippines: No Rights for Rurouni Kenshin.

08.24.2012 – There’s news that Rurouni Kenshin might be shown internationally in selected region but the hopes of having the film shown in the Philippines was immediately shut down by Warner Bros. Studios Philippines revealing that “we don’t have the rights” to bring it to the country.

So whatever internet uprising has been going around in the social media the chance for this film to be brought to the country is pretty much slim to none and its too late. Unless a massive turn out would change the local distributor to push in finding ways to acquire the license to have it shown.

We all hope to see this film and as they say “There’s a will and there’s a way…” But it has to happen with a huge cult following with a massive campaign. We’ve been following the film’s developments previously and from the domestic standpoint in Japan it’s getting rave reviews for its portrayal in the live action genre.

Whenever there’s an update on the film the news its immediately shared to Warner Bros. Studios Philippines, but we never had the chance to inquire with them directly about the possibility of this to be screened in the country.

But who knows how this promotion will take and it does not make a sudden promotion to just go about and start this word-of-mouth inquiry. It should have been done in the early stages of the film's promotion, and if you are a true fan not just riding the bandwagon then get the word out. Write your dedication that you really want this to happen and then share it at the Warner Bros. Studios Philippines Facebook Fan Page.

Like we said it’s not just about just starting a trend but it’s about a group effort of a community who has the dedication not just by the numbers for this to happen. You have to show it to the local distributor that we want to see Ruruoni Kenshin in the big screen.

Even if it’s only for a limited run it would work just give Warner Bros. Studios Philippines the reason to because it’s not going to happen with just some quick fix ramblings less than 24 hours before it gets shown in Japan.

Rurouni Kenshin is shown domestically in Japan only cinemas on August 25, 2012 distributed by Warner Bros. for more details LIKE the Official Facebook Page and also follow live updates on Twitter!


  1. Nice, hope you don't mind if I share it facebook and my twitter?

  2. I'm pretty sure I've read before that Gaga Productions holds the rights to distribute the movie internationally. That's why I email'd the company awhile ago asking if it's possible they can also show the movie in theaters just like how Sadako 3D / Ring 3 was shown in theaters not so long ago.

    Here is the site of Gaga Productions - - it's in Japanese by the way. To save people who don't know Japanese, here is the email address I sent regarding the local showing of the movie in the Philippines -

    Who knows, it might really help if many of us big fans of the Watsuki Nobuhiro masterpiece live action rendition would email the company to show the movie locally too (just like Sadako 3D / Ring 3)

  3. a lot of fans of this movie in the philippines are excited and expecting this will be shown here....i for one am a great fan...hope this will be shown here.

  4. This looks pretty cool! Never saw this one in The States. Did the movie make it to the Philippines after all?