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Sunday, October 14, 2012

APE 2012: The Event & Exhibitor Highlights!

10.14.2012 – APE, the Alternative Press Expo has finally opened its doors to visitors from all over San Francisco USA at the Concourse Exhibition Center where the event has been held since 2003.

It’s not big as other conventions but good enough to see independent works from various medium of popular culture genre.

The first day was not as crowded as expected and prior to heading to the venue you can now purchase your one or two-day pass online and talk about convenience without the need to stand in line.

Upon entering the convention floor the first person you’ll see is Sergio Aragonés (more about his story later) who was just waiting for his fans to look at his works.

There was a lot of interesting things to look out at APE 2012 that would definitely catch your eye and be surprised that there are other works that can be found away from the usual mainstream of pop culture.

Definitely something fresh and interesting can be found here from the cute to the weird not to mention out of this world that it’s sometimes beyond comprehension which is defined by some passionate artist.

Most notable booths we get to see where Top Shelf Productions featuring artists led by Brett Warnock, Rich Koslowski (BB Wolf & the 3 LPs, Three Fingers), J. D. Arnold (BB Wolf), and Wayne Shellabarger (Veeps: Profiles in Insignificance).

Cartoon Art Museum was holding the fort at APE 2012 with their featured artisan at their table. Beside that particular table is the Art of Rae Wood talking to event visitors. There were some interesting finds you’ll see at their area just feel free to drop by.

The Brick Bible will be releasing limited copies of the new testament at their table on Sunday make sure you visit and check out the books as these are interesting material to share with young ones. It’s going to be something your children might be interested to know about the bible through this concept.

Shark Bites is another booth that is launching their first ever independent comic book. The web series inspired by the muppets but this is not your children’s kiddie show as this is geared to be shown for adults. We've been promoting them on our Facebook Page so if you happen to drop by their table grab the first issue of their latest comic.

Paper Boss Productions is also one of those interesting tables we got to see at APE 2012 as these are 3D paper craft much like The Foldabots that JoMike Tejido has been known for its creation. These are not transforming paper robots but rather interestingly pudgy monsters similar to the discontinued LEGO Power Miners but having each unique appearance and features on its own.

You can purchase them unassembled in its original paper where you have to cut them out as supposed to be a DIY project.

Most of the exhibitors are not only independent comics and designer toys but there are artists who are selling their works similar to what we encountered at the Artist Alley during STGCC 2012. Some of them are also animators who have made a career sharing their creations online.

There are also artists who just make the coolest thing take one example from which was the creation of Emma SanCartier who has these amazing sculptures like the Woodland Ovok monster which was casted in resin by a local artist based from her designs.

It weighs almost a pound which is being sold for $130 US Dollars that comes with a colorful box packaging. But you can only get this for the convention price but online Emma is selling this for $150 US Dollars and this is her first designer toy standing almost 5 inches tall.

There are other interesting finds as well as getting the chance to meet the featured artists in Sergio Aragonés, The Hernandez Brothers, Jim Woodring, Ben Kachor, Eric Drooker (pictured) and Miriam Libicki (pictured) who were accommodating enough to welcome us at this year’s Alternative Press Expo which kind of remind us about last July’s Komikon Indieket which was purely comics related.

Eric Drooker

Miriam Libicki

APE 2012 has opened a lot of fresh ideas and original creations that we might not see in the mainstream and it’s great to see how diverse this event was. Tomorrow will be the last day and be sure to drop by and support your local artists here in San Francisco USA!

Alternative Press Expo (APE) is tha Concourse Convention Center happening this weekend (October 13-14, 2012). For more live updates LIKE to become a fan on Facebook and follow on Twitter: @APExpo

Visit the website at:

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