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Saturday, September 1, 2012

STGCC 2012: Komikon Invades the Artist Alley!

09.01.2012 – The Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention is just warming up the first day and you’ve seen some of the high lights of the event. The representatives of Komikon (you can drop by and visit them at Booth A16 with Gerry Alanguilan) made the rounds at the far end of the Mariona Bay Sands Convention Centre to check out what the Artist has in store for STGCC 2012.

There are selected few interesting talents that can be seen at the Artist Alley from talented animation illustrators, toy designers, and of course independent comic book artists.

There’s more to see at the Artist Alley that where not featured in the previous STGCC from the last trip three years ago. Definitely this year there was a variety coming from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. There are an abundance of talent besides Dr. Carlo San Juan of Callous Comics and Leinil Yu as the two artists who are located at the Artist Alley.

There was a selected few that would catch your attention with that kind of potential talent that would be possible guest in the next Komiks Convention in the Philippines. Because Komikon is no longer about promoting just the local comics community but also expanding in bringing talents from all over Asia.

Aome Husky X3 is one of the exhibitors at the Artist Alley founded by Husky Kevin who specialized in character designs which developed his current creation. Being a consultant in international brands. Kevin is also responsible for the development and launch of the licensing products in different regions.

“Husky X3” and “Husky Rescue” was launched in 2004 which became an identity on its own with collaboration with other distinguished brand names. The product featured plush toys, figurines and a comic book series in Chinese.

C.D.S (Collateral Damage Studios) a collection of individual talented illustrators with similar interest banded to together to collaborate and make some of the original creations from Singapore.

They released prints of Superscenic 2, Nise-Monogatari Fan Book, and Unlimited: Touhou Hunter at the Artist Alley in STGCC 2012.

Paolo Cariaso Velasco is a first-time exhibitor a new Filipino illustrator at STGCC 2012 at the Artist Alley featuring is portfolio and one of his art samples encourages you for him to illustrate a comic cover that you’re featured in it.

Paolo won an art contest that inspired him to try his artistic side as a past time from his regular day job as an engineer perhaps we might see him again in Komikon.

Project Red is the creation of Shawn Siow which was released in 2010. Shawn an avid comic book reader turned artist. His works and portfolio can be seen at the S.D.X booth with his other contemporaries.

Pocotee & Friends is a Malaysian comic book series full of mischievous and fantasy which is gaining prominence in the industry created by Pocotee Loh who happens to be the brand ambassador also for the website.

Firestarter + Bleufish are two talented artists who shared a booth at the Artist Alley at the STGCC 2012.

Firestarter Design is Sarah Isabel Tan a graphic artist who released her own book at STGCC featuring her portfolio in animation design. Bleufish is the art creation of Audrie Leong a Digital Media Design graduate who happens to be a Trekkie as you can spot the tiny cartoonish Kirk and Spock at the corner of her booth.

RIMBUN is a team of illustrators and graphic artists having their work featured at the Artist Alley and some of their works are superb with the advent of digital art they definitely caught the Komikon Team’s attention during the rounds of day 1 before closing.

RocketRayGun the created by Kelvin Chan is at booth G33 promoting the “THREE Anthology” that’s composed of The BattleMonks, Yellow Monkeys, and Requiem of the three Kingdoms which also launched the book at STGCC 2012.

They are also promoting the exclusive “Abbot” figurine from “The BattleMonks” and they are now accepting pre-orders for the 12 inch “Killack” figure based also from the graphic novel. There is also the RocketRayGun sketchbook which is a a limited edition.

The next booth is from IAM BOEY a Malaysian animator and artist best known for his art on foam cups. Known as Cheeming Boey he became a brand ambassador for the “Start With Sharpie” advertising campaign after being noticed for his works on those detailed art in his cups. Boey was a recipient of the 2012 TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Ads Worth Spreading award.

You will definitely have to stare closely at his cups that he’s selling at the Artist Alley here in STGCC 2012 and he will definitely entertain you with his great sketches.

The genius behind Malinky Robot and the revelation of his works in the Secret Robot Spy Factory will definitely make you think twice when you pick Sonny Liew’s work as the Malaysian-born artist had a booth with his friend Gilamon.

Sonny Liew is getting fan attention in the comics industry having published a compilation of his works under Image Comics it will definitely get your attention with a talent that has broaden its art done from oil painting to digital art but there will be more in-depth feature of his work in the coming days after STGCC 2012 as day 1 us just underway.

The last artist who has shown interest in coming to the Philippines is none other than Otto Fong the creator of Sir Fong’s Adventures who launched his fourth book at STGCC 2012. Otto Fong is a former science teacher who decided to become a comic book artist educating children through his works.

His works are highly suggested to inspire younger audience through the characters he created and definitely a good book to read. Sir Fong’s Adventure is also on iPad App where you can purchase and download the first book in digital format plus it has some educational games that would definitely get the kids interested.

The first day tour around at the Artist Alley is something WAY different from the other conventions that you can see in the Philippines as STGCC defined this is the “Coolest Event of the Year!”

Singapore Toys, Games, and Comic Convention (STGCC) is at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center happening this weekend (September 1-2, 2012). For more updates and details LIKE the Official Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter: @SingaporeTGCC

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