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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Komikon 2012: Freely Abrigo at Indie Komiks Tiangge!

10.24.2012 – Freely Abrigo is back at Komikon 2012 and one of the hardest working artists in the industry will launch not one but two new titles that he’s been cooking up.

The proud artist has been churning up some fresh ideas and he does sketches every day.

We last spoke to Freely during the last day of PICCA (Philippine International Creative Content and Arts) Festival a couple of weeks back who is anticipating this year’s Komikon.

The active member of SKP (Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas) the local version of United Press Syndicate in North America has a few surprises up his sleeve.

The creator of Kulas is set to release a variant blank cover of Kapitan Tog which was inspired from the latest blank page trend from Marvel and DC Comics of America.

If you happen to purchase one of the variant covers Freely might give you also a quick sketch too.

Freely’s works has no standard comic or graphic novel size he has the right sizes for your nifty book shelf and that’s coming from the man who injects humor in his daily strip in Kulas.

Size doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy reading comics and getting entertained by its contents. Besides Kapitan Tog and Kulas your all in for a treat as Freely will release two new books this coming Saturday at Komikon 2012.

Just in time for the Halloween season Freely Abrigo brings a new twist in Sigaw his very first book dedicated to the horror genre. Together with Freely in his latest project he is joined by Dommy Abrigo who wrote the story for Sigaw.

It will be something new to see on how this will turn out and we suggest you grab a copy you’ll never know it might get sold out due to limited quantities.

Besides doing his regular comic strips he does editorial cartoons and one of his works was also featured in the recently concluded PICCA Festival.

Some of his editorial works will also be compiled along with his comics and fan art in his other book which will also be released at Komikon 2012.

Freely Abrigo’s 100 Pages of Cartoons compiles most of his works and some never before seen comic strips that was not published. So if you have plans to drop by at the Independent Komiks Tiangge chances are you won’t miss getting any of Freely Abrigo’s works.

It’s either the first compilation of Kulas or the latest horror comics in Sigaw you’ll get a few good laughs and cool sketch from Freely Abrigo with a big smile.

Freely Abrigo does not have a Facebook Fan Page however if you want to check out his portfolio, sketches and other previous works visit his Deviant Art page at:

Read more of his stuff at his blog at:

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