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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Komikon 2012: Upcoming Launches & New Floor Map!

10.24.2012 – The much awaited Komikon 2012 happens this weekend of October 27, 2012 at the Bayanihan Center in Unilab Complex.

We've previously revealed the floor plan in any case you might get lost. But this time around Komikon has officially released a more detailed layout on who’s who of independent publishers at the Independent Komiks Tiangge.

There’s also a lot of indie komiks going to be launched on this one day event so keep your eyes peeled for some interesting finds and as everyone has reiterated just load up your funds for this weekend as things will be crazy.

If you have no idea how the map would look like now in its colorful detail check out the much improved detail that you might need to print out…

The floor plan also has the list of exhibitors that you might find time to check out where to get your komiks fix as this is just a one day event that you need to find time to meet and greet the artists and indie publishers.

There are other notable independent publishers and artists will be showing their wares during Komikon 2012 and we start with Indieket’s top selling title in the Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents which will release its latest issue this Saturday.

If they have sold out in the previous Komikon Indieket then chances are this will happen again so if you have time to drop by their table grab the latest copy of the Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents.

Another artist who will be parading his wares is Ariel Atienza known for his creations in Class and The West Side which both appear in newspapers here and abroad. The silent but deadly bearded wonder is one of the people behind Komkon’s success since it started in 2005 and if you haven’t seen his works this might be a first to check it out.

Besides a big fan of Skottie Young and Sergio Aragones as one of his influences he has furry creature friends to inspire him to make you laugh at his strips. You can catch him seated along Lyndon Gregorio the creator of the Beerkada phenomenon.

If you have heard of a certain artist named Nelz Yumul chances are you have seen his works and being dubbed as “The Dave McKean of the Philippines” several times when Neil Gaiman first visited the country sometime in 2005.

The artists who prefer to work under the radar are one of the people who started WeeWillDoodle group and his art can be seen in the urban culture scene.

This time around he’s launching probably his first comic book creation for what he calls “Shatter Space” but you’ll find out once everything is revealed this coming Saturday’s event. Besides that he will also launch some cool designer toys based from that Spaceman Guy the main hero in the upcoming comic book that he will be launching.

The next group of independent artists and publishers have something fresh for you to see in this year’s Komikon and like any convention in the country that put spotlight in the independent and established comics industry here is some notable stuff you should all visit…

Kawayan Komiks will release two new comics ahead of the Halloween date with "A Tale of Redwood" and “Darwin’s Association of Evilness” both under Carlo Rozy’s publication with art by Ellezier Ominoreg for Redwood. Their booth will be located at the Independent Komiks Tinagge.

Black Ink publication will release My Midnight which is divided into three books and is written by Ron Mendoza and illustrated by Randy Valiente, based on Camilla's bestselling Gothic romance novel of the same title.

So if you happen to have the interest for romance and suspense all rolled into one maybe you can drop by and get a copy of all three releases of My Midnight.

Then we got Gwapoman 2000: Ang Huling Baraha (HandsomeMan 2000: The Last Card) which has 132 pages by Arron Felizmenio which will be released this Saturday. It’s a softcover graphic novel with an introduction by Heubert Khan Michael with art assistance from Od Ree, Wan Malinao Mañanita, Renie Palo and Nidgel Bailon.

The book is priced as PhP 250.00 pesos which contains new materials. This includes pages redux like Prologue 1 (New!)+ Prologue 2 (New!)+ Gwapoman 2000 1-4, Epilogue (New!)

This is from NeverHeard WebComics and Frances Luna III Illustration Firm located at booths A26-27.

Lastly there’s ANG MORION Trade Paper Back Edition by Wan Malinao Mañanita which compiles the first volume in graphic novel format which was originally released as Seraphin Issues 1-4 and it will be sold in limited quantities at PhP 240.00 pesos.

So if you happen to be at Komikon 2012 this Saturday these are the ones to look out for if you want fresh and interestingly new.

For more details of Komikon 2012 be a fan on Facebook and follow live updates on twitter at: @KomikonTweets

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