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Friday, October 5, 2012

PICCA Fest 2012: Animation Jam Competition!

10.05.2012 – PICCA (Philippine International Creative Content & Arts) Festival opens its event with Animation Jam featuring 45 contestants of professionals and students grouped into 5 as a team.

The completion commence the first day of PICCA Festival 2012 at the University of Makati.

Honoured guests witness the completion that is also composed of digital and traditional type of animation that would end the following day.

Mr. Boboy Yuzon has announced the start of the competition with a clue what type of story they will produce out of this contest. These are the contestants who registered prior to the deadline of September 28, 2012.

The Animation Jam is a Team competition composed of five people composed of either professionals or students. The competition starts at 11AM on October 5 and ends at 11AM on October 6, 2012 the following day. During the course of the competition, the participants are to stay in the room where the event is being held, at all times. Bathroom breaks are of course allowed.

This competition is provided with equipment and workstations for Flash, Harmony, and 2D traditional entries. The contestants are allowed to bring their own equipment and materials in any case the provided workstations does not have the necessary requirements. They also have given the entries at least 30 seconds of duration with 24 frames per second. Mr. Yozon and the guests where excited to see young minds go to work in producing their own animation for this competition.

PICCA Fest Animation Jam grand prize for the winner is PhP 50,000 pesos then followed by second prize of PhP 30,000 pesos and the third prize is at PhP 20,000 pesos. This would definitely promote talented would-be successful young animators in the country.

The Philippines has a lot talent in field of comics, animation, and art and PICCA has been consistently promoting what this country has to offer which has many well-known Filipinos has made a name in the international scene like Ronnie Dela Carmen (Disney Pixar), Gerry Alanguilan (Marvel), and Angry WoeBots (Urban Culture Artist) to name a few.

PICCA Festival on its fourth year since its first event in 2009 has gone through a lot of evolution with promoting the artistry through education for the reason this year’s venue is at the University of Makati. The event runs from October 5 to 7, 2012 with a set of event activities in these days.

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