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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Meal Asia Spotlight: Young Justice!

01.04.2013 – McDonald’s may yet have another set of DC Comics related toys that you’ll find to be interesting. If you have been following the hit series “Young Justice” surely you’ll be familiar with the characters by now.

This was released in some parts of Asia including the Philippines paired up with Hello Kitty, which was originally released in the US much earlier in 2012 with a set of eight to collect. But due to how it’s marketed in Asia they only released four characters.

Young Justice” first aired on Cartoon Network set in the Earth-16 universe apart from the original DCU Earth-1 & 2. The series became popular when it was shown in 2010 it had a second season as “Young Justice: Invasion.”

McDonald’s first released the toys sometime in September 2012 and features eight characters that have Superboy, Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Batman, Superman, Black Manta and Captain Cold. Each figure has its own gimmick based on the character’s abilities or gadgets that made them unique.

In some parts of Asia including the Philippines they only released four characters. Just like the previous DC-related Happy Meal toys they only sold the most popular ones. In this line-up it has Batman, Robin, Superman, and Superboy, which doesn’t appear like a team called “Young Justice.” For those living in the US everyone hopes for McDonald’s to bring the remaining four namely Aqualad, Kid Flash, Black Manta, and Captain Cold. But not everyone would expect that to happen unless you have friends and relative who can help you acquire those characters.

The four “Young Justice” figures are enough for you to appreciate each one of them. McDonald’s definitely puts quality in detail in each of their Happy Meal toys and if you missed one of them here are their individual gimmicks and features.


You’d expect Batman fans around won’t miss this guy even though his appearance seems a little bit flamboyant don’t you think? Batman is in a fix open cape pose seems like he’s ready to tango with the bad guys or just want to do Adam West’s version of the Batusi or even top that.

But you’ll like this figure more as the open cape pose is not just a look when you press his bat emblem on his chest the ‘flapping wing’ gimmick appear to make him ready to fly out. Though it’s strange why his face is somewhat happy for a Batman.


Dick Grayson seemed to look like using Tim Drake’s costume, but this hero is from Earth-16 and entirely a character on his own. Robin on his bike has a simple gimmick and that is his ride fires two missiles when you roll it simple enough to be cool.

Robin’s the only character having no super powers besides that seemingly chirpy Batman, but he’s riding a missile firing bike that doesn’t actually have rolling wheels. It’s actually on a single wheel in the middle that activates the firing mechanism for the two red missiles to launch.


Connor Kent the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor doesn’t appear like the Superboy from the 1990s “Reign of the Supermen”, but close enough have aesthetics based from the original DCU with the same origin.

The figure seems to have articulated arms don’t put this character down as his this have a light up gimmick. The feature shows his ‘S’ shield light-up when you press the button at the back of the figure at the same time shows of his biceps. He’s a little bit similar to Black Manta (minus the bicep-raising fist) if it was available in Asia too.


To round up the “Young Justice” here’s the granddaddy of all superheroes. Of course if you’re going to bring “The Team” you need the Man of Steel. He appears to have lost a lot of weight from the look and sculpting on his face.

This Superman fairly has the most common and obvious gimmick that define who he is, which includes the most popular ability that he have that is flying. There’s a button on his back that raises both his arms to simulate the ‘flying ability’ and that’s it.

The Team

It would be great if McDonald’s in Asia bring the other four characters, but that’s a bit of hoping to none. This set is enough for the kids to enjoy the well known characters at the same time some collectors get their hands on the favorites.

But it leaves the non-famous ones left out which most of the time are the sought after characters in the original release. The “Young Justice” appears to be a promising series for new fans to get excited in following the show. It would be great if the actual “Young Justice” was released instead for what the show is all about.

But then again you need the big hitters to accompany the side younger heroes who are more familiar in their original roles as sidekick. The only original character in the bunch here is Superboy since there hasn’t been a Happy Meal toy that was released in Asia that was based on him and its good thing McDonald’s Asia included this guy.

Young Justice” Happy Meal toys were released in the Philippines in December 2012 alongside “Hello Kitty”, which is also a set of four. Both properties are still available until supply lasts.

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