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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Daredevil #23: "Men Without Fear!"

02.24.2013 – Finally! Daredevil joins Marvel Now with a jump-in point for interested readers who want to catch up with Matt Murdock’s adventures. If the previous issue has left you in the dark where to begin then this might be the issue that you need to read.

Once again Mark Waid and Chris Samnee take us on the wide inhabitants of Hell’s Kitchen with Matt Murdock in the driver seat figuring out who was the enemy that has been haunting him since the third issue.

The opening pages makes for the re-telling of Matt Murdock’s origins which reveals to be someone’s mad science experiments in re-enactments on the events on how he gained his abilities as “The Man Without Fear!”

Chris Samnee definitely delivers the goods with his own distinct art style that is leaving his mark in contributing to the Daredevil mythos.

As Mark Waid weaves the adventures of our reluctant hero which are the makings of an Eisner Award winning series as he takes Matt and Foggy’s relationship closer than ever as these men go through life.

It was revealed in the previous issue that Foggy might have been diagnosed with cancer as Matt still struggles with his own life. The comic panels have been packed with action and interesting perspectives on what’s actually happening as you go through each one of them and it is a ride that Waid is taking his readers.

The villains in the series have anti-Daredevil conspiracy all over and someone actually knows Daredevil’s origins on how he got his powers. These people definitely know what their doing just to see inmates going through the motions in re-enactment on how Matt Murdock got his abilities.

Of course we already know it’s not only the radiation that enhanced his powers he also got “ninja skill” trainings (read about his origins on Man Without Fear graphic novel by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.).

The twisted concept of the new enemies Matt is going to face is definitely out of the ordinary and if it was written in the handbook this idea is not on it.

You got to give credit on how this gets interesting in every issue and if you’re not keen on picking up the mainstream titles from Marvel each month this one is gaining a renewed cult following. As Mark Waid and Chris Samnee anticipate their readers with renewed passion this definitely is putting back Daredevil back to the spotlight.

Overall the twists and the concept on how Mark Waid pushes the story are quite riveting which is highly recommended NEVER to miss a single issue on the latest adventures of Daredevil. If you’re tired seeing too many mainstream characters on Marvel.

But this one will give you a renewed perspective and you couldn’t rate this but it is a new hit… Again!

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