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Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Meal March 2013: SpongeBob Olympics!

02.25.2013 – This March 2013 McDonald’s Happy Meal in the Philippines is SpongeBob SquarePants which features eight characters with four others that has Mr Krabs, Sandy, Patrick Star and Squidward in Olympics themes.

Originally it was released in North America sometime prior to the Olympics with sixteen character designs that also featured others from the cartoon series.

Evidently the Asian release gets only a selected few.

The most characters getting sold out upon its release are Patrick Star and Sandy being bigger than the others. Don’t miss the opportunity in getting your favorite characters from Bikini Bottom.

There are some interesting character designs that didn’t make it in the Asian release that would be quite interesting but like any Happy Meal sold it really depends on how they market these products. A screen captured image of the original versus the Philippine released is posted below…

For further details on what character is available from McDonald’s in the Philippines check the images below…

McDonald’s Happy Meal in the Philippines is released every last week of the month and for more upcoming toys check out the page HERE!

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