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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Toy Photography on I-Juander!

04.10.2013 – Over the weekend we showed you some behind the scenes exclusive shoot from the segment for GMA News TV’s I-Juander a documentary lifestyle show which featured some of the community members who are into Toy Photography.

The ever growing community of individuals who share their interest in toys and photography gets shown once again as part of I-Juander’s special feature on different kinds of photography.

The show which aired the segment earlier this evening had a great response from the community.

If you’re not completely satisfied on the previous behind the scenes photos revealed last Saturday then check out the exclusive images what went down during the weekend. As you know the group has been around and had various media appearances dating back to 2010 where the hobby started to take off.

Last year regional morning show for ABS-CBN featured members go the Toy Photography group in Davao for “Maayong Buntag Mindanao” (Good Morning Mindanao) and another segment for TV5 last August 2012.

The photos were taken during on location shoot in Malate near the church and in an open area in the PICC where most of the footage was taken. Originally it supposed to feature seven people in the segment but due to time and conflicting schedules only four where present for the segment.

The segment was shot for more than 5 hours but when it was being aired on the show the run time was less than a minute talking about the hobby and had screen time by the rest of the crew.

Toy Photography in the Philippines has become a huge community not only in the general area of Metro Manila but also in other region like Davao as evident segment.

Anyone can pick up and have it as a hobby regardless what camera you use and what kind of style taking your approach in Toy Photography. In the featured segment it only shows the outdoors style as rarely been done by some in the community. There are varying approaches to how you compose toy photography which most have widely done it indoors with set up.

The hobby is still unpredictable but is currently widely accepted by professionals and photography experts. It’s one of the simplest forms of taking up a camera and having your toys as the subject of your images.

It can be an expensive hobby if you’re pushing for realistic toys as the subject. But originally it was intended for the basic toys for you to bring them to life. This particular interest has grown to be something unpredictable and it’s up to the person how you take the hobby to the next level.

This is just merely sharing the idea that it can be a hobby for those who just want to enjoy photography and toys.

Toy Photography in the Philippines has a local community and you join the group on Facebook as well as LIKE the Fan Page or follow them on Twitter at: @ToyPhotography

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