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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brilliant Machines with Mr. Smith!

04.13.2013 – How brilliant are the machines? In the Matrix Trilogy they almost they destroyed the human civilization only with the intervention of The One and his sacrifice that changed the landscape of the story in the digital world as well as in reality.

Neo’s most penchant adversary is none other than Agent Smith played by Hugo Weaving best known for taking roles of other villains in films like Captain America and Transformers. Agent Smith has evolved to be Neo’s equal in the film and has become one of the memorable iconic villains in his time.

It’s been a while since Hugo Weaving revisited the character and this time he reprises the role of Agent Smith for the GE Works Brilliant Machines TV ad which was directed by David Gordon Green which the Wachowskis blessing in producing this commercial.

The new ad is of course set inside The Matrix where Agent Smith talks about “Brilliant Machines” and was aired during Saturday Night Live in the US.

As brilliant as Agent Smith talking about benefits how GE works he looks a bit of losing hair. The last time he appeared taking down Neo was in Matrix Reloaded appearing more with vigor than ever but make no mistake Weaving didn’t lost his touch making everyone entertained with this memorable character just you watch…

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