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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SPOILER ALERT! Into Darkness Preview!

04.24.2013 – The anticipation in seeing Star Trek Into Darkness has been long overdue as Trek Fans would know that the last film was back in 2009. JJ Abrams has done wonderful with this franchise bringing up to speed with the mainstream audience.

The local distributor in the Philippines was given access by the producers of the film to give the press media a sneak preview.

This is not the 9 minutes that was shown a couple of months back while the film was still under wraps.

There were a lot of scenes that already made it to the second trailer most notably the chase scene with the pre-warp civilization that the crew is trying to save. But the rest are entirely new footage that would give you to sound the alarm: SPOILER ALERT!

There was so much to reveal in the 34 minutes that was shown exclusively for the press media and it definitely had a positive reaction giving the viewers the sense of awe wanting to see it next month. Currently Zahacry Quinto has been active on Twitter that he’s in Sydney Australia promoting the film.

The 34 minutes of preview was divided into three major scenes that would definitely give you a peak of the plot and how deadly John Harrison is that even a Vulcan can’t outwit or outmatch this former Starfleet officer.

Rumors have been circling since the comic book miniseries by IDW Publishing might have shed some light on who is John Harrison really was. But then again you’ll have to wait until May 15, 2013 to see the entire film as this is no alien they are up against its about one of them. The currently released movie poster has already given away the image of the USS Enterprise losing altitude in Earth’s orbit and crashing to its demise.

In those 34 minutes it’ll give you quite an inception sequence while the ship is trying to stabilize from crashing down to Earth. JJ Abrams imagination has put everyone in a tailspin seeing the sequence that has been a nail biter for this film.

Definitely it won’t put you down to bed regarding the aforementioned sequence until you see its entirety. The revelation on what John Harrison is capable of will give some alien species a run for their money. Witnessing a Vulcan take down a human in the streets of San Francisco is like playing a childish game of tag put to shame.

Star Trek Into Darkness will be shown in IMAX 3D and Digital 3D on May 15, 2013 in the Philippines from Solar Entertainment and Universal International Pictures. For more events and promotions LIKE Solar UIP Philippines on Facebook!

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