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Saturday, June 1, 2013

HW Imagination 59 of 250: Max Steel Motorcycle!

06.01.2013 – Max Steel is a super spy hero more of a counterpart to Hasbro’s classic G.I. Joe from the 1960s having related to the toy line of 12 inch action figures. Over the years Max Steel has evolved and became more relevant inspired by spy cult like James Bond but with a superhero twist.

The character first introduced in 1999 through a CGI Animated TV series from the same production company in Mainframe Entertainment (Currently now as Rainmaker Inc.) that brought you Beast Wars Transformers and ReBoot to name a few series that they made.

Max Steel over the years changed having retconned his origins as well as the character himself. The latest series is being shown in North America in Disney XD which will soon have a new set of toys and merchandise. But Mattel is slowly reintroducing Max Steel to the next generations of fans.

Recently Hot Wheels has released their 2013 die cast cars with the new line up that also brought in licensed vehicles from the pop culture like the Batmobiles, Knight Rider’s KITT, A Team’s van, this also includes the Flintstones mobile and more.

Of course in the “Imagination” line up under the Future Fleet series you got Max Steel’s motorcycle based on the latest series.

The changes that mostly some Max Steel fans would notice the color motif of the character as well as the logo and this is evidently seen in the new Hot Wheels “Imagination” series that also has an artwork featuring Max Steel and the futuristic motorcycle that is getting some positive interest.

Re-imagining Max Steel in the series brings also the changes of the character from Josj McGrath which he is now known as Maxwell McGrath. The same goes with his powers and abilities which is where this motorcycle is introduced.

In the new series Max McGrath has the TURBO power when activate once he teams up with Steel an alien made only technology through “ultra-link” they become… Max Steel.

It transforms Max intro this super powered hero with multiple armors charged up with TURBO energy as explained in the series. So the motorcycle is part of the Steel alien technology that Max uses as sort of an extension of his “ultra-link” form. The premise of the series looks promising and the motorcycle looks like was inspired from the original TRON and other science fiction series.

The frame of the motorcycle is entirely die cast and has a bit of weight. The quality of this makes it even more interesting and that’s why it’s one of the most sought after licensed vehicles that Hot Wheels has released for 2013.

If you can find one consider yourself lucky as Max Steel’s motorcycle and the rest of the 2013 Hot Wheels release is retailed at PhP 99.75 pesos locally distributed by Richwell Prime in the Philippines.

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  1. Naku, ang ganda! It really does look like the light-cycle from the movie Tron.