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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The consPIGracy of PDI suspends Pugad Boy!

06.06.2013 – It’s now becoming a trend in the social media and the announcement that Pol Medina’s longest running comic strip “Pugad Baboy” on the Philippine Daily Inquirer has been temporary suspended due to controversy.

Pol who started the comic strip in 1988 has become an iconic personality in the Philippine comic industry whose stories are satirical in nature talking about humor in politics and anything that has something to do with the Philippine culture.

The recent comic strip that was published on June 4, 2013 (see above) was probably has caught ire with St. Scholastica’s College as reported by Philippine Star that prompted PDI to suspend the comic strip due to that it contains the controversy. Originally that particular strip was published in March 2013 as pointed out by PM Junior in his Facebook status

Philippine Daily Inquirer has twitter account announced an update pending for investigation yesterday that has reactions by the Philippine comics industry. It seems there’s a “consPIGracy” as mentioned by Pol Medina himself in his Facebook status.

Whatever the outcome of the actions PDI has done in temporarily cancelling the daily comic strip it has become a trending topic.

If anyone grew up with PM Junior’s creation over the years everyone would understand the nature of being opinionated and back then it was nothing more than just to laugh about. Now with the advent of the social media it brought the good and bad about what you do and say which it kills the term “freedom of speech.”

Besides the trending reaction by everyone in the social media everyone is showing an outpouring support to the famed comic strip and the creator. If you’ll notice some of the comic book artists who have known Pol Medina Jr. are changing their profile photos of his creation most notably Polgas the talking dog that has become the iconic symbol of the longest running series on PDI.

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