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Thursday, June 6, 2013

TMNT 2012 Basic: Michelangelo!

06.06.2013 – The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that’s now available in Philippine retails has started moving out of the shelves into the fans and collectors who have followed the franchise since the first cartoon came out in 1988.

The popularity of the latest CG animated series from Nickelodeon has brought new fans that are now getting their hands on the action figures as well as the vehicles and the playsets. The most sought after collectibles in the toy line is the basic 4 inch figures wave 1 series. Previously we had the opportunity to feature Raphael and Leonardo.

If you have seen the previous action figures by Playmates toys the latest toys are based from the animated hit series that’s being shown on Nickelodeon. Previously the description of the toys is as accurate as their animated counterparts. Raphael is the “bruiser” in the team more wide body than the other three turtles while Leonardo looks leaner like a slicing machine.

Michelangelo or “Mikey” is pint size but with a personality that some fans would compare to the previous versions that came before. Though he doesn’t sound like a “surfer dude” that utters “cowabunga” anymore. Mikey is more of the turtle who names their new villain or gadget that gets introduced in every show.

If you’re not paying attention to his antic he’s the “fun turtle” among the four and have probably the best dialogue when he and the rest of his brothers encounter an enemy. Mikey’s antics and fun loving personality is a refreshing look that makes the series great.

In toy form that doesn’t really translates well when you look at the action figure being “pint size” in the bunch and just like the classic version that came out in 1988 his nunchuks doesn’t have chains but entirely made of plastic. But the takeaway from all that is the details of the weapons now compared to back in the day where simply break off from extreme play wear. The younger kids would get the kick out of cutting off the weapons from the trees but just to be careful with the small parts that you might lose.

Just like as previously mentioned in the other features with Raphael and Leonardo is the skin tone of each turtle varies to have a unique personality. For Mikey he’s neon in green but then again that’s what he is in the animated series.

The body construction and articulation is the same as the other three turtles but what makes Mikey standout is his size. The “little guy’ in the bunch would look harmless but in reality is as popular as the other three. Given that you have read the comic books and appreciate the previous animated series Michelangelo is one fun character that you’ll never going to pass if you plan to start collecting these turtles.

Pointing out that like the Fantastic Four they are still uniformed in appearance regardless with different personalities and it’s hard to just having one character in your collection. But if you’re limited in completing all four Mikey can be something you’ll find interesting surely there are hardcore fans wanting this turtle in their toy shelf.

Michelangelo may be small but the character might grow on you if you haven’t seen the animated series in Nickelodeon. Just to give you more anticipation the series will be having season 2 and 3 in the works so there’s plenty of turtle love for those who appreciate every bit of this modern take on one of the best 1980s nostalgia.

Overall the latest TMNT won’t be cool without Michelangelo for a character standpoint but in the action figure department you might think twice but for any fan who has followed this series you don’t need any second thoughts just grab this figure as its moving out of the toy shelves. The next version might be slightly different as upcoming figures shown in the New York Toy Fair in February reveal that the toes would be exactly as what you see in the animated series.

Michelangelo is one of the basic figures released in the first wave based from the TMNT animated series by Nickelodeon and it’s retailed at PhP 499.75 pesos locally distributed by Europlay Distributor Co. available department stores and toy stores in the Philippines.

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