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Friday, August 16, 2013

Meal Toy Battles: Happy Meal vs Kids Meal 2013!

08.16.2013 – Call it “the last man standing” but in the Philippines there are only two fast food restaurants who are still offering meals for kids that have toys for free. In the previous feature back in 2011 there were three including Wendy’s who offered toys but they stop having them anymore.

Jollibee the biggest fast food restaurant in the Philippines which has now have stores all over the world is the second store that offers meals with toys. Of course McDonald’s started it all more than 30 years ago.

These two fast food restaurants have offered the best collectibles over the years. For Jollibee the best ones came out in the early 2000s that put in competition with McDonald’s Happy Meal. But recently the quality of toys have been declining coming up with their promotion for the Man of Steel and Turbo are the most interesting once to come up for a store that was built around a happy bee.

Previously Jollibee had the promotion for the Asian only region release with Voltron that definitely put some interest in their Kids Meal. For McDonald’s its always hands down when it comes to the best ones that produced the Minions and Smurfs.

Just the only thing in question is how they manage to distribute the most demanded Happy Meal toys these recent weeks. Their Asian counterparts like Singapore definitely controlled the minion madness for everyone to take home. But in the Philippines you’ll see on eBay who were the scalpers selling a set twice as much.

This month in August both take a break and promote unknown toys hardly anyone took attention mostly in McDonald’s side in the Philippines comparing to their counterparts in the Asian region where interesting. But for this month was not exactly quite you’ll expect unlike in Australia where they won’t be receiving their Smurfs 2 toys (a combination of Asia & US release) but they got something better than what the Philippines is getting.

The Happy Meal "Guy" getting some Mix and Match fun McDonald's Australia promo for August 2013.

The Happy Meal toy for Australia coming out in September 2013 a mixed versions released in Asia & US!

Some might call this month “the battle of the lame meal toys” as what Jollibee and McDonald’s is offering is not as appealing as the ones tied up in movies, TV or anything famous brand out there.

There is some interesting stuff at McDonald’s for their Happy Meal this month but overall they are not the ones from their previous released toys that have games in it.

"Touch, and something will happen..." Doesn't sound like "kid" friendly to you when you think about it.

"Kiddie Arcade" for your big thumbs this is what happened to the Kids Meal toys at Jollibee this August 2013.

Jollibee tries to be creative trying to attract the younger masses but the only way to make them more relevant is bring back the way they compete with McDo as they had the upper hand when it comes to be unique but the current promotions are running out of gas.

In the end McDonald’s Happy Meal who started it all will still be popular regardless some of the ones that came out in the Philippines did not find attraction. Jollibee has kicked the clown out in the country to be the number #1 fast food restaurant. Why not stop at giving up to their supporters even grownups enjoy collecting the Kids Meal toys.

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