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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie Review: Disney Planes!

08.22.2013 – Disney Planes was originally supposed to be a direct to DVD film expanding the world of Cars. But the studio was impressed about the story and it premise that they have set it to be shown in theaters.

It was announced that Disney Planes will be a trilogy and it was already announced that it will be followed by Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue with a set of screen date. Dusty Crophopper’s dreams as an international air racer begin in this film.

The animated feature film was produced by Disney Toons Animated Studios and it’s a first that was not being handled by Pixar. But since John Lasseter is the chief creative officer for both studios he still gets hands-on approach in being the co-writer of the story.

Some would compare Dusty Crophoppers beginnings to Lightning McQueen but these two characters are very different. Dusty being a crop duster wanting to dream more than his designated function versus McQueen a rookie who wants to earn the right to win the Piston Cup. But for Dusty is a dream of a big adventure that would take him to new heights not just competing in the race but becoming a respected individual.

McQueen has already earned his stripes after Cars and was not the main character in Cars 2 but his best friend Mater. But Disney Planes expands the world of Cars which definitely has more stories to tell about Dusty Crophopper.

What makes Disney Planes unique aside from the improved visuals is the score and soundtrack which tells you a bigger story unlike any aerial adventure. The pacing was quick not much of the characters gets to be focused since this is Dusty’s story. But you’ll see each of the characters having their own spotlight.

Though like Mater in Cars there is also a scene stealer in Disney Planes in the form of El Chupacabra but no spoilers shall be revealed you have to watch this flying daredevil have his moment in the midst of the adventure.

There are similar characters in Disney Planes that you’ll not even notice just have to take a look at them as being frequent characters that have minor roles in Cars and Cars 2.

The dialogue was great and the visuals continue to improve but the score and soundtrack will win you over to just have that feel the world of Cars is bigger than you thought. It’s the story that makes everything come together why Disney Planes is a fun animated film but not as extravagant as Cars 2 that would confuse you which character to root for. It’s like watching the original Cars only this time it takes place above the skies.

Overall the animated feature gets a rating of 8 out 10 for just keeping things simple and clean the way how Cars started and this time Dusty Crophopper is not just a racer please do stay through the after credits because he will be back for Fire & Rescue!

Disney Planes started playing in Philippine cinemas on August 21, 2013 in 2D and selected theaters in 3D from Walt Disney Studios to be distributed by Columbia Pictures.

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