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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Press Release: Secret Fresh goes BLACK!

08.22.2013 – Secret Fresh successful re-opening is just the beginning of something big for the urban lifestyle culture. The company is not just about designer vinyl toys that launch exclusive made by well-known artists in the country it also promote the art scene.

For the upcoming weekend the next art launch will be featuring five distinct works from Kiko Escora, Archie "CHICHIMONSTER" Geotina, Noli "13LuckyMonkey" Coronado, Ali Alejandro and Steve Tirona. There will be musical performances by Major Chie, Caliph 8 (Rigor Mortiz), and Out of Scratch.

So if you’re curious about what’s happening in the urban lifestyle scene this Sunday drop by Secret Fresh to find out what’s the story about the Black art gallery. For the press details check out the announcement:

Black signifies both presence and absence. It is in the absorption of light that one sees another spectrum— a space to create meaning out of nothing.

It is this enduring paradox that bears the idea of infinity. Throughout the years, black has given birth to limitless applications, influencing every realm— from politics, religion, fashion and art.

In the exhibit “Black”, five artists embody black as their medium and message— the omniscient element in their individual works.

A fresh face in the art scene, Ali Alejandro is anything but "another artist" working his way around. In fact, visual creativity has long been in him since he was a boy, doodling cartoons and comics— only this time, with a far bolder and braver execution. As an art director, he certainly possesses a natural eye and taste in the artistic world. His paintings exude nothing short of intense strokes and popping colors. Through his video projections, one can see how he interprets his comics influences and makes them as his own. Now with a play on LED installations, Ali invites his audience not only to experience something reminiscent of one's childhood. He also challenges them to take part in a visual experiment that cleverly challenges one's perception of reality.

The other half of 13 Lucky Monkey, Noli Coronado is beyond the leather and the bicycles. A silversmith and sculptor, he has redefined what it means for a product to be raw yet extremely detailed. Each of his handcrafted pieces led him to be revered by a star-studded clientele, both local and overseas. Take his signature skull rings for instance. Each is hammered and sculpted with an unfinished statement no one else in the market can measure up to— a distinct mix of street, class and always, a kick-ass attitude. Beyond jewelry, Noli brings life to brass, resin, clay and just about anything he can get his hands on.

From Beijing, Singapore, Miami, Dubai, New York and Hong Kong, Manila-based all-around artist Kiko Escora is a household name in the international creative scene. Best known for his portraits, Kiko allows his audience to become voyeurs— getting a glimpse of what his subject may (or may not) be feeling. At times, letting his viewers awaken their imagination to what else could be, say, in a charcoal-on-paper piece of only a woman's legs or a painting of one man's torso. His as a celebration of contour and concealment, Kiko continues to surprise and bewilder minds.

When you think of contemporary street art in the Philippines, Archie Geotina surfaces as the innovator— heavily influenced by pop, baroque and just about any subculture he pushes forward and into the streets. From his roots in retail, graffiti, toys and sculptures, Archie is now taking street art to where it should have always been: At a respected point where it should be taken more than just a mere opportunity to vandalize a wall in the dead of night. In his recent works tapping on texture, color and abstract portraitures, Chi Chi Monster takes the revolution to his own paint-stained hands, where he converts each space around the city into a stunning work of high art.

What sets Steve Tirona apart is his ability to capture human expression in its purest form, but never through the conventional, all too familiar means of using a camera. His penchant for the dissident elevates his masterpieces to a whole new, unmatched level— whether it's a shot of common people wandering the streets of Manila, the album cover of an internationally coveted metal band, supermodels treading the dunes, a portrait of the president and no less than the Madam herself, Imelda Marcos. With countless exhibitions and collaborations with the best in the industry all over the world, Steve is far from slowing down.

In this show, consider black as the byproduct of the artists' spectrum: As sculptures, portraits, paintings, installations and each, a discourse. Experience the brilliant minds of these copious, homegrown visionaries as they let you in on their very own (re)interpretation of black—their impetus for a show worthy of praise and recognition.

Secret Fresh is located at the ground floor of the Ronac Art Center along Oritigas Avenue near Greenhills, San Juan in Metro Manila. The store and art gallery is open during Tuesdays to Saturdays at 2-10 PM and Sundays at 1 to 6 PM.

For more upcoming events and what’s new at their store LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @FreshManila

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