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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thundercats Classic: Lion-O! (8" Inch Scale Series)

08.17.2013 – Lion-O the iconic lord of the Thundercats has been the focal point of the original series as well as the recently cancelled modern series from 2011. Bandai manufactured the toy line up until Warner Bros. Animation canceled the TV series.

It left a cliffhanger similar to what happened to the Mike Young produced Masters of the Universe. You’ll never know what happened after that series ending episode. But the toys continued to sell but not as popular as you expected.

Some toys did not make it in the Philippines and based on initial reports they are on clearance sale in the US.

The new series not was produced by Bandai they also made the Classic versions based from the original cartoon series. The Thundercats Classic figure line produced Lion-O and Tigra in 8” inch scale with more poseable joints compared to the original ones that was manufactured by LJN.

Lion-O was released in a window box type packaging featuring the Sword of Omens, a shorter version, claw shield and an extra hand. Unlike the 4” scale version of the New Thundercats this figure needs to remove the extra hand to use the claw shield.

The box packaging brings back the colors of old LJN card backs with new artwork and at the back it features the other toy line from the new and old series. There was no news about the Classic line having released a 6” inch scale which did not arrive in the Philippines along with selected figures from the new series.

What’s interesting about this Classic Lion-O is that it has more articulation and the nostalgic look of the character. The not-so good about this figure is the plastic they used making him “shiny” and the skin tone does not match the other parts of Lion-O’s body.

Individually each Smurf 2 for this year is unique compared to the EIGHT toys that were released to promote the original film in 2011. But what makes the ones that came before it has more details compared to the Smurfs 2 versions.

Overall the Happy Meal featuring Smurfs 2 may not be as sold out as the Despicable Me 2’s minions but they definitely stand out from the ones released in the US.

The other part that some who previously reviewed this figure took notice is the uncolored joints in Lion-O’s feet as well as in the wrist that should have been painted.

Details of the figure really made this Thundercats Classic quite attractive down to the gimmicks like how the claw shield is attached on Lion-O’s side where a piece of plastic with a peg can be connected to “hang” along with the small version of the Sword of Omens which slides near the top of the claw shield so it can be stored.

Both swords are made of soft rubber plastic which can be bent but with minor way to fix it there’s no problem in how it appears. Its quite convincing how Lion-O’s weapon doesn’t look like made from soft materials.

Overall Thundercats Classic Lion-O is a great but not entirely the way you expect it once you remove it from the packaging. It’s rare that you see 8” inch figures nowadays most would like the ones in 4” or 6” but it still depends on preference not anyone has a big shelf to store all their collection. There are quirks in this figure like the material used to make Lion-O look shiny and the unpainted joints are the ones being raised by those who had the chance to review this figure when it first came out.

It’s unfortunate the series was discontinued Bandai could have taken advantage in producing the classic line even though the new series was cancelled. They did expand the Classic line by recycling the same figure into a RED variant of Lion-O that was released as the STGCC 2012 exclusive which was exactly based from the 6” version but to no avail it did not help that the line was also cancelled.

Currently the 8” scale of the Thundercats Classic is on clearance being sold in the Philippines for $13.75 US (PhP 600.00 pesos) manufactured by Bandai which is locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading Corporation.

Thurdercats Classic is sold in local toy stores in the Philippines for more inquiries LIKE Latest Toys from Ban Kee on Facebook!

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