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Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Thundercats: WilyKat & WilyKit! (4" Inch Scale Series)

10.10.2013 – The New Thundercats may have been off-air but still being shown as a re-run in some parts of Asia via Cartoon Network. There’s no possible future of being revisited again but the action figures definitely give you a somewhat retro look to it.

In this re-imagined universe of the Thundercats the fraternal twins of WilyKat and WilyKit did not as the survivors of a dying planet in Thundera in the classic cartoon series but from a down-trodden family who ran away to find riches to save them.

Eventually the Wily-twins find themselves forced to become thieves. Besides trying to survive in the streets of Thundera now a kingdom in the new series in order to survive with their aspirations to keep them going and hoping to make it back to their family. They didn’t appear in the first episodes until further crossing paths with Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetarah and Panthro.

The classic figures in 1985 had bad sculpt in design but back then they were the decent action figures LJN can muster. Unfortunately they lack the articulation and accessories as they are those non-articulated figures with permanent stands molded in their feet.

Bandai who got the rights to produce and manufacture the actions gave the Thundercats to return in action figure form but in a smaller 4” scale line. The details of the Wily-twins were better now being sold separately with their signature accessories based from the new series. Both figures come with their “hover boards” that the Berbils developed for them but of course in toy form they have wheels.

The Wily-twins have slight difference in sculpt but the body is similar and it also includes the magnet box in their back for the electronic gimmick to interact with the vehicles and play sets similar to the bigger figures.

Of course the figures are not entirely articulated as having basic movement with straight arms and head with no swivel joints. WilyKat comes with grabber arm extensions while WilyKit have her round flute. The “hover boards” have a little gimmick a la M.A.S.K. from an ordinary vehicle turns into an armed transportation complete with a grabber and mini guns on both sides.

The “claw shield” can have the sword stored underneath similar to Lion-O’s but does not have a longer version which is included in the powered version of Mumm-Ra which comes in the Deluxe version and the 6” version which more in scale with the smaller figures since he’s actually huge but missing the “bat wings” to make him more scarier.

They are scaled with their “adult” companions and adversaries and are actually based from the animated models from the show. There’s not much play value in both of these figures but added to the team you got the cast of Thundercats from the new series.

Overall they are great figures but not as perfect as you expect due to lack of articulation from the waist down. But they have the most accessories compared to their “adult” companions in the team. The series was fun while it lasted and both figures are on clearance where they slowly disappearing from toy shelves.

Manufactured by Bandai WilyKat and WilyKit 4” basic action figures are currently on clearance along with the other New Thundercats assortment locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading Corp.

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