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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sight & Highlights: Kapow! Universe --Marvelous!

10.01.2013 – Celebrated the opening of Kapow! Universe which is the first ever Marvel store in the Philippines that definitely something for you to drop by and see for yourself what good finds you’ll get from “The House of Ideas!”

But if you missed last Sunday’s festivities and the opening of the store then maybe it’s time for you to see inside the SHIELD facility that doesn’t needs a Level 7 clearance or being part of the organization that keeps an eye on some of Marvel’s mystery men and women. Though it’s definitely a place new to the Marvel Universe can appreciate.

If you have watch the Marvel films like Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor or Captain America: The First Avenger then you must be familiar with SHIELD (Strategic Homeland International Espionage Logistics Division) a government agent headed by Nick Fury who was portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson in the films. But Mr. Fury won’t be there to welcome you since this is a SHIELD outpost.

But this is not your usual SHEILD outpost which is basically a theme used for Kapow! Universe, the latest Marvel store to open at the Glorietta 5 Ayala Mall that opened last Sunday. It has every Marvel themed products that you won’t see in other stores.

Definitely you should drop by and check it out but if haven’t got the time see some of the images captured prior to ribbon cutting celebration…

Kapow! Universe is located at the second level of Glorietta 5 Ayala Mall in Makati City. For more details about the store and future promotions LIKE Filbar’s Online on Facebook!

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