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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Marvel Universe: Psylocke!

12.24.2013 – Psylocke has been one of the popular X-Men characters in the 1990s as a member of the X-Men Blue Team. Originally her appearance was British until her mind and soul was swapped to another in the former Kwannon for the reason she looks Asian.

Over the years the character has evolved inheriting the leadership of the Uncanny X-Force from Wolverine with a brand new roster when Marvel Now was launched early this year. Several iteration of Psylocke action figures were released but this one is a looker.

Marvel Universe release Psylocke in the fourth series which includes her psi-blade and psi-flame along with an off-scale cover of an X-Men comic book. Unlike the previous Marvel Universe figures they came with a stand. For this series they don’t just like the most recent version of the Punisher.

The comic art on the card doesn’t appear to look like Betsy Braddock but more based from her original body which is now known as the former Kwannon a character who dies with the Legacy Virus.

Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock didn’t first appear as the X-Men or Uncanny X-Force character everyone knew today. Her first appeared in the original run of Captain Britain in issue #8 back in 1976. Her character evolved over the years having now Asian features and a well-established personality.

The action figure may not appear as sexy as Jim Lee has drawn her in the old Marvel Swimsuit Editions, which includes the oversized poster but certainly would come to appreciate how the Hasbro designers translate her in plastic form. The accessories she came with mainly the psi-samurai blade a translucent slight darker hue of pink is made of soft plastic, and the psi-flame that you attach to her right hand fits like a glove.

Details of the sculpt don’t actually look perfect to her comic book counterpart but a nice addition to your growing X-Men or Uncanny X-Force team. Psylocke is a well-build figure having the articulation of a conventional Marvel Universe female body.

Overall Pyslocke is a nice figure to add variety to the X-Men roster or if you plan to put together the current Uncanny X-Force team she’s your leader. She’s one of the few well sculpted female figures under the Marvel Universe line that sometimes goes unnoticed in the toy shelves. But Psylocke mostly considered uncommon and can only be seen displayed which is being sold at specialty shops for a premium price beyond its retail.

If you ever find out on retail better get this figure it’s not every day you’ll ever see a Psylocke figure on pegs as most of the X-Men ladies gets sold out. She’s a definitely a good find once you acquire this lovely British with Asian features.

Now all you need is Captain Britain to have her twin brother or better yet find an Archangel Action figure who would keep her company.

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