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Saturday, December 21, 2013

HW City 86 of 250: Max Steel Turbo Racer!

12.21.2013 – The new Max Steel TV series is now airing on Toonami Asia and several toys have already been sighted. Originally Max Steel has his motorcycle that looks like an inspiration from TRON’s Lightcycle.

If you haven’t seen the new show it progress from the new beginning, which is an entirely a reboot of the series. This version of Maxwell McGrath’s origins was retconned to activate his powers he teams up with an alien technology upon merging via “ultra-link” you've got Max Steel a new superhero for this generation.

Of course Max Steel has a variety of abilities and like any superhero that uses gadgetry he has his own wheels. He has his default motorcycle that you might have seen several times through the course of the series.

Besides his two wheel machine he also has the Turbo Racer. It appears to be more like a vehicle for all-terrain that can be similar to the Mars unmanned roving explorers. The design is science fiction inspired. Just like his motorcycle its primary colors are white with metallic blue accents.

The 2014 Hot Wheels series have new layout design on the cards and the Turbo Racer is categorized under the “HW City” series, which makes you wonder if something like this would be seen in the streets.

Max Steel has the best vehicles at his disposal now that he has the Turbo Racer as his other means of transport less exposed from the bad guys he’s facing each episode.

Comparing the Turbo Racer to its Motorcycle predecessor this vehicle is more common than the later that he uses in the first few episodes. Some might find the Turbo unappealing due to the space age concept. But it’s definitely part of Max Steel’s arsenal to fight crime and his growing rogues’ gallery.

Having the Turbo Racer side by side with the Motorcycle, the appearance is under scaled. But anyone who has followed Max Steel’s exploits would definitely pick this up in a snap without the need to have a second look since it’s a common figure.

Overall the Turbo Racer is an added fixture in the Max Steel series, but falls off due to its too much exaggeration in the design that is far from the motorcycle.

HW City: Max Steel Turbo Racer is available in all the toy shops in the Philippines nationwide for PhP 99.75 pesos. LIKE Richwell Club for more events and promotions on Facebook!

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