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Friday, December 27, 2013

New Thundercats: Tygra! (4" Inch Scale Series)

12.27.2013 – The Thundercats series may have come and gone while the toys went on clearance.

But even though everything is said and gone the toys would become nostalgic in its own right being popular for reviving one of the well-known cartoons of the 1980s.

Though the 2011 iteration of the show didn't see much of the classic characters brought back to the modern times. Surely the primary cast deserved its own spotlight.

Tygra for example is not the character everyone knew from the classic series, but there’s more to this version than just having a whip and blaster.

The reboot introduced Tygra as an older adopted brother to Lion-O, and during the run of the series revealed to be a member of the Tiger Clan led by Javan his father. The remaining clan was exiled in the mountains because their continued loyalty to Mumm-Ra. It was also revealed that they made a deal with the Ancient Spirit of Evil before Tygra was sent away and became an orphan later adopted by Lion-O’s parents.

Tygra in his military green armor with holster/belt to hold his blaster, but doesn't have any means to store his signature whip. Just like the other basic figures Tygra has a magnet at the back for interactive fun with the playsets and Thundertank.

There’s not much pose you can do with the 4” inch basic figure since they had limited articulation. Minimal head rotation and has standard joints with the exception that the figures feet has joints too. The details on Tygra’s armor what makes him different from the classic character from the 1980s. He’s upgraded with the new wardrobe and appearing that he’s ready for combat. The only downside to the details of the figure is the black rivets showing on his shoulder and feet.

The figure comes with two accessories a little oversize blaster and a whip that doesn't appear to be the classic “Bola Whip” everyone saw in the original Tygra. But in the course of the show he would eventually inherit it from his biological father in Javan.

There was another version of Tygra which comes with a base with more limited articulation in the basic single carded release. There were other two versions also that were included in the Thunder Racer and Tower of Omens. The next Tygra figures released were in the 6” inch and the classic 8” inch scale based from the original show.

But the 6” inch scale version based from the 2011 series didn't make it on retail. But this only appeared as a display exhibit during Toy Kingdom’s Toy Expo 2012.

Overall Tygra is a well-built figure for the 4” inch basic assortment that includes his accessories shown in the series. Bandai could have included an alternative whip that was shown in the later. The only minor downside to Tygra is the limited upper body joint and the revealing black rivet joints on his shoulder and feet.

The rest of the figure is top notch down to the military green armor that he wears now compared to the tights his classic counterpart was wearing throughout the course of the original show. Tygra adds diversity in the team with Lion-O and Panthro in the mix.

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