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Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Thundercats: Lion-O! (6" Inch Scale Series)

12.28.2013 – The lord of the Thundercats doesn’t need any further introduction.

The classic character was raised on planet Thundera, which eventually exploded and was aged into an adult but still have the mind of a child.

He’s younger than WilyKit and WilyKat due to the malfunction on his stasis.

The 2011 version was raised in the kingdom of Thundera on 3rd Earth.

The heir to the throne and the youngest sibling to his adopted brother in Tygra. The 6” inch scale series brings more details to the character which includes more joint to do some remarkable action poses.

The larger 6” inch series doesn’t have much variety compared to the smaller 4” inch scale basic assortment that has vehicles and playsets. You only have Tygra, Cheetara, Pnathro and Mumm-Ra which not the entirely line made it to the Philippines.

There are only three 6” inch scale assortments that made it to be sold becoming peg warmers until they end up as part of the clearance due to the shows cancellation. Among the five characters in this scale only Lion-O, Panthro, and Mumm-Ra were being on every retail store in the Philippines with the exception of Cheetara and Tyrgra which only appeared as an exhibit piece on display during Toy Expo 2012.

Lion-O comes with the same accessories that included in the 4” inch scale assortment, but with new addition of the Claw Shield variation that has no fingers. The difference also is that it’s shinier in the texture.

The clamshell is bigger that there’s enough space for another figure in there. Bandai should have packaged it more compact to save enough space and cost. But what makes this packaging better than the 4” inch scale assortment is the clamshell reseal able. Just like any Japanese toy Bandai made it sure you can still reuse the card and clamshell as it’s only sealed with a tape.

Taking a closer look on Lion-O as previous reviews during the height of the series you’ll see the black rivet joints that Bandai should have painted. This issue was slowly resolved when they released Panthro and Mumm-Ra with the other figures, which include the unreleased Cheetara and Tyrgra in the Philippines.

The accessories where way better now in this scale having two version of the Claw Shield and Sword of Omens. There were no additional accessories compared to Panthro, but Mumm-Ra may be the only figure that’s worth in this scale.

Lion-O is well-detailed in this scale with more joints to do those action poses that can be re-enact from the show. The minor downside is the screws and the rivets revealing in this figure, but the rest is good as any 6” inch figure that’s available on retail even for a product line that’s now on clearance sale.

Overall this Lion-O exceeds its smaller scale counterpart, but still not going to replace the classic 8” inch scale version. The new look makes the character science fiction based compared to the classic that competes with He-Man from the Masters of the Universe.

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