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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Wolverine Powered by V Energy!

12.31.2013– 20th Century Fox, Marvel and V Energy teams up to bring you The Wolverine Edition V “Graphite,” which will keep you on the go. V stands for vitalise, this is an energy drink which have ingredients includes guarana and caffeine developed by Frucor Beverages.

In groceries in Australia this is sold in 250 ml in cans each packed in 24 promoting The Wolverine in cinemas. Currently the movie has been released in Blu-ray and DVD home editions. You can’t get enough of The Wolverine when you drink the V energy edition…

V Graphite is the energy drink not only contains guarana and caffeine, but also includes a double hit of taurine with an addition of Peruvian Maca, the latest secret mix to help give you get your energy levels up.

Legends have it that Inca Warriors devoured this stuff to get their strength before charging into battle.

It will definitely give you something all night that will crank up your energy levels to extreme voltage more than just mutant power with chugs of V Graphite. This is enough for The Wolverine to deal with these bad guys right?

V Graphite: The Wolverine Edition is available in leading groceries in Australia. For more about the product LIKE V Energy Australia and follow also on Twitter at: @venergydrinkaus

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