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Monday, December 30, 2013

Toy Factory and the Biggest Rocking Horse!

12.30.2013 – The Toy Factory in Gumeracha in South Australia has a rich history and what makes this place is a welcoming sight is the Big Rocking Horse that stands at 18.3 metres tall, which was built in 1981 by David Macintosh and John Twopenny.

It’s the biggest rocking horse of its kind as a Guinness Book of World Records holder. The Toy Factory has been around since 1973 which produce wooden toys and collectible items, which expanded into a tourist destination in Australia.

The Big Rocking Horse has an interesting history being one of a kind and has attracted travelers from all over Australia. There’s no entrance fee for you to explore this interesting piece of art. There’s actually more things to see at the Toy Factory aside from the wooden toys and collectibles souvenirs that are being sold there.

They also have a wildlife preserve where you only need to purchase the food that you need to feed the animals there. They have two Wallaby a small version of a Kangaroo and some other animals that you may get the chance to encounter.

The wooden Toy Factory is the main place to see which is the biggest in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. There you’ll see some unique finds and wooden toys that may no longer be available in other places. The items being sold there are unique and can only be exclusive at the Toy Factory.

If plan to travel to Adelaide in Australia this is one place you should make your stop not only to see the Biggest Rocking Horse or have a close encounter wit the animals, but also checking out the Toy Factory and here are some photos inside the shop…

The Toy Factory is located in 452 Torrens Valley Road in Gumeracha, South Australia. It open weekdays but for more details and inquiries visit the site at:

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