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Monday, December 30, 2013

Despicable Me 2: Deluxe Gru!

12.30.2013 – The Minions may have taken the spotlight on the Despicable ME movies, but the original star of the show will always be Gru. A reformed super villain who had grand designs to steal the moon in the first movie until someone beat him to it.

The first movie changed the way he thinks as a villain after adopting three little girls, that would evolve him to be the true hero that he was destined to be. In the second film he is shown being a caring father and parent.

Thinker toys produced Despicable ME 2 toys but mostly have focused on the popular Minions which leaves Gru needed a closer look

Gru was released in the first wave of assortment during the promotions for Despicable Me 2, which features him having a special backpack that never got the chance to be use in both movies. The toy is packaged in a clamshell that adored by a Minion in the cardboard, which appears to “hold” the figure together.

Besides the backpack with a blaster attached Gru comes with a stand since he has very thin legs and rotund body expect a top heavy figure to fall face on the ground. This is the reason why they included a stand for him to do his natural poses from the movie.

At the back of the card packaging shows the use of the blaster and backpack revealing its gimmick is a squirt gun that you need to fill a small amount of water at the backpack. The details also include an assortment of minions, which makes Gru the only human character in the movie to be made into an action figure.

The only other human character to be made as part of the Despicable Me merchandise is Agnes with her Unicorn, which is released as a plush toy rather than an action figure with two other variations in big scale.

Steve Carell who voiced Gru in both animated films made a public appearance as the character in Ellen’s talk show during the promotion prior to the release of DM2. Looking at Gru the character has some resemblance to Carell, and the only thing that would make you not stare at the figure is his pointy nose.

Opening up the packaging you see Gru wired to the internal tray that holds the figure along with the accessories. The figure has a decent sculpt details which include his trademark scarf that appears to be removable, but it’s completely molded to Gru.

There not much articulation for this figure and the only way for you to turn his head left to right are through his waste joint, which is completely attached to the head.

Gru jumps of the screen into plastic form fairly accurate to his animated counterpart down to the scarf and the posture of the figure. The only Despicable Me 2 character to be translated into an action figure, and the toy line could have been better if they have released the other humans that appeared in both films.

Overall Gru is a great addition to the growing horde of minions as their leader, and what would be without him if they don’t produce the action figure.

Gru is not scaled with the ones released by McDonald’s Happy Meal, but more in scale with the smaller minions that were released also by Thinker Toys that cost a lot more.

He’s the centerpiece for any minion collection, which makes Gru the reason to get when putting together a bunch of yellow skinned henchmen that talks gibberish.

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