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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Meal PH 2014: Super Mario 3D World!

03.29.2014 – McDonald’s pulled out a surprise this early for the Happy Meal toys for April 2014, and it’s none other than your favorite plumber in Mario! You just read it here the Italian who keeps getting in trouble dealing with weird looking creatures from a world far from New York is taking over your “Happiness in the Box!”

This might be another minion-grabbing attention much like last year this toy meal is poised to be sold out in less than a week. Based from the Wii U game Super Mario 3D World released eight six variations of Mario with Princess Peach and Yoshi to collect all eight.

Originally released in Japan sometime in November 2013 its one of the most sought after collectible meal toys ever produced. Due to its size4 and quality this might be the best Happy Meal toy this year and everyone knows Mario introduced from the popular videogames in the 1980s.

You got Mario doing what he does best trying to save the Princess with the help of his trusty Dino in Yoshi. Unfortunately Luigi his younger brother is not part of the wave or even the dastardly Bowser who you usually face in the final stage.

The new Happy Meal toys where sighted at the McDonald’s store in Tiendesitas earlier today and there is also a new Happy Meal box designed. This will be the fourth time McDo Philippines to release a new Happy Meal box since it started to include it to their promo last quarter of 2013.

If you haven’t seen the new Happy Meal toys check out these taken at the store in Tiendesitas earlier today:

The Super Mario 3D World toys is the Happy Meal toys in the Philippines for the month April 2014, and if you happen to be living in this country better grab them now as they might be sold out fast!

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