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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Marvel NOW: Daredevil #1!

04.10.2014 – By now you’ll be wondering about what Daredevil is doing in the Bay Area. For those who are not following the previous book this is something fresh to pick it up. You might be questioning what happened to Foggy Nelson and his cancer.

For the casual reader who just wants to start fresh with issue #1 it will still give you questions what had happened before. But Mark Waid and Chris Samnee the same creative team from the last one will walk you through it literally.

Between fast pace action and some impressive narrative Mark Waid has lured Matt Murdock back into his swashbuckling ways. Its not that they are making you forget what Frank Miller contributed to the Daredevil mythos. They are just giving you the best of both worlds at the same way they are telling you their story.

Daredevil is not you’re ‘Batman’ but Matt still has those ‘serious elements’ but not all the time you’ll see him be a grim character like the other guy from Gotham. After dealing a lot of personal issues in his life why not have a little ‘fun’ fighting crime with a smile. Not that he needs to smirk and pretend that he is, but like Spider-Man was if you’re aching to see the sequel by April 30th.

This time around Matt Murdock is not your district attorney. But rather an ‘expert’ working his way into a new city that has unfamiliar terrain is quite an interesting twist in this issue. In-between his latest adventure now based in San Francisco a back story is quickly retold how he got his powers and what has recent happened to his life.

Chris Samnee continues to improve his art style and it shows that he can draw Daredevil and make it his own character. At the same time he shows how ‘cartoony’ Daredevil’s expression is told in these pages while trying to fight the bad guys.

Mark Waid continues to write Matt into these perils at the same time deal a little drama now that he’s working alongside Kristen McDuffie instead of Foggy Nelson. With Mr. Nelson there won’t be spoilers until you pick it up to find out. There’s something special about this ‘new’ Daredevil comic book that needs to be looked into the microscope. But casual readers who would be interested definitely will get a good read out on this one.

It’s overall ‘fun’ to see the team intact for a new chapter in Matt’s life and San Francisco is the best place to tell all that. It might not be his stomping ground, which gives more challenges to how Daredevil weaves his way through the streets of the Bay Area.

Next issue isn’t #2 but #1.50 to celebrate the characters 50th anniversary Marvel gathers a new team including the regulars to pitch in a good story for this. But for those who just recently checked in get the first issue you’ll never regret it. Now that Marvel is developing a new TV series exclusive for Netflix its looking forward to follow the latest title that is ‘officially’ Marvel NOW.

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