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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

JP Cuison Launches Buzztro & Jarvis the Albino Bat!

04.09.2014 – Buzztro and Jarvis the Albino Bat is another creation from the mind of JP Cuison who was the lead vocalist for his former band Kiko Machine, comic book artists who brought you Punnx Komiks that featured Mighty T.

This is his fifth solo show and for the first time the characters would look authentic like the real Saturday morning cartoon show. If you missed seeing his last solo show being ‘Misplaced’ this time Buzztro & Jarvis will take you into a new adventure.

The launch of his exhibit was supported by friends and family, which he performed with his good friend Apol Sta. Maria outside the gallery. Inside Secret Fresh there’s a video clip that keeps looping singing the Buzztro & Jarvis jingle like its giving you a dose of ‘Last Song Syndrome’ in a good way.

There are eight artworks in exhibit and three versions of the shirt exclusively available during the launch that’s on display. The heart of this gallery is the artwork of his two daughters that closes the story of Buzztro & Jarvis the Albino Bat.

JP Cuison continues to push the boundaries of imagination not being boxed by what’s in the trend these days. He pursues his creativity inspired from his childhood seeing old cartoons and reading classic comic books. You can say JP’s an old soul who never got to surpass his taste for the classics. He admitted being a fan of the legendary Jack Kirby when it comes to comic books. In music it’s obvious he’s big Beatles fan, while he appreciate the classic cartoons like the Simpsons.

His works clearly shows his passion but never forgets his roots and inspiration for being a creative individual. Recently he had a quick reunion with Kiko Machine, which not everyone entirely knows. But he says there will be another one soon just that it might come as a surprise again after being disbanded for so long.

But the resurgence of the interest of the band came from the success of Blue Bustamante a movie that made headlines last year, which he also helped produce the theatrical poster.

There are so many more creative juices flowing in JP’s tank that is still untapped. But Buzztro & Jarvis pushes the envelope for an original concept that you thought existed before. The gallery shows his style and the concepts that came with it. Clearly there’s no end for JP Cuison’s creativity for now let Buzztro & Jarvis the Albino Bat entertain you with the catchy tune and finding a way to stop the head hunter.

Buzztro & Jarvis the Albino Bat runs from April 6 to 19, 2014 at the Secret Fresh Gallery located at the ground floor of the Ronac Art Center in San Juan, Manila.

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