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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Big Wow! ComicFest 2014: Sights & Highlights!

05.22.2014 – Big Wow! Comic Fest has established itself as one of the largest events in San Jose, California. It has attracted huge numbers of exhibitors and convention goers focusing as the artist friendly event in the west coast.

For the previous Big Wow! Comic Fest steadily grows as the crowd continues to come and support the event. The comic-centric event brings out the best talents from North America that never gets a spotlight in other conventions. Truly a great place to meet and interact with your favorite artists from all parts of the US…

It’s not that difficult for comic book convention fans to know more about Big Wow! Comic Fest as it stands to be unique from well established events in North America. The crowd here mostly gets to mingle with their comic book artists. It’s evident why this place makes every comic book geek feel home not getting into too much mainstream.

Big Wow! Comic Fest has that intimate environment that makes every comic book fan feel special and its one of the best places to check out each year. If you happen to missed out what went down the past weekend here are some images to browse over:

Certainly there were a lot of activities that happened during the during the event. There was a list of guests present like Mike Mignola creator of Hellboy was there to meet fans at the same time celebrate the 20th anniversary of his creation. Charlie Adlard was there too after his trip to the Philippines he was at his booth signing autographs to fans. American based-Filipino artists Danny Bulanadi and Alex Nino were present meeting up with fellow countrymen who became fans of their work.

Irene Flores, a Filipino based in California who worked at Tokyopop, Wildstorm, Marvel, Impact Books, BOOM! Studios, and F+W Publications had a booth there. she made sketches and signed autographs for long time fans as well as new faces who where impressed by the art commission works at her website.

The other Filipino-based in California is 9-year old aspiring artist by the name of Ethan Castillo who is a pin-up colorist for Anchor Comics. He has contributed to the crowd funded Kickstarter Project which features Filipino artists. This is not the first time he was present in a comics convention as he has a booth at Big Wow Comic Fest, and he has also been to Komiks Expo, StocktonCon and Long Beach Comic and Horror Expo.

He dreams to work for Marvel drawing his favorite character in Spider-Man. His favorite comic artists that influenced him are Humberto Ramos, Ryan Stegman, Chris Giarrusso, Edgar Delgado and Justin Bua. You can find him in the social media via his Twitter at: @ethancastillo05 or through his site at:

Allison Strejlau, the artist for Regular Show comic books published by Kaboom Publishing was there also to sign autographs and to meet fans. Most of the highlight guests were focused on the legendary Neal Adams, Mignola and Adlard. The Kaiju and classic Japanese guests featuring Kenpachiro Satsuma (Godzilla), Daisuke Ban (Kikaida & Inazuman), and Satoshi Furuya (Ultraman) were present paying tribute to the release of the blockbuster film in Godzilla.

There were cosplayers present led by Riddle, Nika Lee, The Bay Area Ghostbusters, the 501st Legion based in California, and numerous groups dressed up as their favorite character from animation, comic books, movies and videogames. Even Godzilla was there himself to have a photo opportunity with grandma.

There where a lot of talent at the San Jose Convention Center, that filled the guest list to the rafters and it was definitely an event to see whenever the chance you’re near the area at the month where this is happening.

Big Wow! Comic Fest was held on May 17 to 18, 2014 at the San Jose Convention Center. For further inquiries and updates LIKE Big Wow! Comic Fest on Facebook, and follow on Twitter at: @BigWowComicFest

Visit the site at:

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