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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Marvel Universe: Beast!

05.22.2014 – The Beast is a founding member of the original X-Men and also a member of the Avengers. The character has been portrayed by three actors in the live action films namely Steve Bacic (X2 Cameo), Kelsey Grammer (X3: The Last Stand), and Nicholas Hoult (First Class & Days of Future Past).

Originally the Beast first appeared in X-Men #1 Vol.1 as a normal human being with oversize hands and feet. But over the years he undergoes progressive transformations.

Henry Philip “Hank” McCoy would evolve to his physiognomy, permanently gaining increasingly animalistic physical characteristics. These include blue fur, feline facial features, pointed ears, fangs, and claws. His physical power increases to even greater levels, as do his senses.

Appearance can be deceiving but overall Hank McCoy is a brilliant man of the arts and sciences; he is a world authority on biochemistry and genetics, the X-Men's medical doctor, and the science and mathematics instructor at the Xavier Institute (the X-Men's headquarters and school for young mutants). He is also a mutant political activist.

Fighting his bestial instincts and fears of social rejection, the Beast dedicates his physical and mental gifts to the creation of a better world for man and mutant. He also has a witty sense of humor. But often his experiments to himself has given him setbacks and almost put him at the edge of death. Not until his younger self (in All-New X-Men comic book series) saved him from all this, which pushed his evolution to the next level.

Marvelous Action Figure

The Marvel Universe version takes his appearance prior to the re-evolution, which changed him to his current state. It was released sometime in 2011 for the fourth series of the toy line. This wave no longer has the Secret Files or the standee, and only included a cover of a comic book where this version of Beast appeared.

This is similar to the international release packaging and the only difference is the multiple languages minus the mini-cardboard comic book cover. The rest is consistent with the template like the bio and image photo on the back card, which also have images of the other figures.

Beast Out of Packaging

The cat-like appearance takes this version of Beast to new heights with regard to his evolution. He appeared also in Joss Whedon’s 2006 comic book series in Astonishing X-Men, but the uniform was different.

Hank McCoy was also a member of the original X-Factor along with Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman and Angel where the uniform took inspiration, but with a modern design that connects to being a founding member of the X-Men. This Beast has round joins on his feet and multiple swivel joints in his thighs and cut wrists.

Though it’s difficult to make him pose just like the in the photo at the back of the card. It’s fair enough that he has articulated joints, which makes him an interesting addition to the X-Men roster of action figures.

Hank stands out among the other X-Men figures a bit taller as the Beast is a bruiser like Wolverine with bestial appearance. But not bigger than like Colossus to be considered one of X-Men’s strongest. Currently the Beast’s appearance now is way different from what Hasbro released in the past three years.

Overall the Beast is not bad or good but just right where the X-Men need this figure as part of the team. This figure is not perfect but enough to add variety to the growing Marvel Universe.

If you’re in North America waiting for the regular screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past expect Nicholas Hoult to breathe life on this character again.

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