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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vinyl on Vinyl: Rob Sanchez Viewing Room!

05.08.2014 – Sometimes talent is not born they get developed its either through self education or in an institution that teaches art. For Rob “Danger” Sanchez painting great art did not come as easy as trying to ride a bicycle.

He learned the craft through trial and error of self education. Anyone has to start somewhere and Rob also revealed that all the artists, who inspired his work, are from contemporary modern art which shows what inspired his art style.

Rob’s first ever mini-solo show is just a teaser for what’s coming for the next one. For now he shares his most recent paintings that tell more about the man himself. Due to the size of his paintings which measures 4 x 4 it covered up most of the 2nd level gallery of Vinyl on Vinyl that was also featured along with Ren Quinio’s solo show.

Besides being inspired by contemporary modern art Rob grew up reading comic books, and for the reason why you’re seeing the Joker painting, which reveals three people in it. You’ve got Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight, Stephen Amell as The Arrow from CW’s hit TV show and Rob himself.

If you heard about the exhibit but didn’t get the chance to see its unveiling last night here are some images taken from the show itself:

‘The Viewing Room’ with Roberto "Danger" Sanchez Mini-Show will run for two weeks at Vinyl on Vinyl Art Gallery. Fore more inquires and details LIKE Vinyl on Vinyl via Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @VinylonVinyl

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