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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Studio Kaiba's Kambal Now at Filbar's!

06.04.2014 – If you’ve heard of the ‘Kambal’ (Twins) then you must have read Trese, the supernatural series by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo who are currently at work to release the sixth series of the book by the Tenth Komikon in November.

For now there’s new merchandise featuring the main characters of Trese. Previously Studio Kaiba who also released the Trese plush toy unveiled two more characters during Summer Komikon 2014 and the long awaited Kambal was released…

The Kambal, two or Alexandra Trese’s bodyguards finally have a plush toy from Studio Kaiba and Dennis Crisostomo has been eagerly pushing for the release of these characters. These designs are based from Kajo Baldisimo’s concept.

They are now available exclusively at all Filbar’s store, and for those who has been waiting to complete their Trese plush toys the previous characters are also available. If you haven’t seen the ‘Kambal’ check out this image of them in the playground and ready to protect your turf just like in the Trese graphic novel:

‘Kambal’ is sold as pair which is sold at Filbar’s Store and for more inquiries about the plush toys LIKE Studio Kaiba Plush Toys on Facebook!


  1. Baka meron po nagbebenta sa inyo ng Trese Kambal. I already checked with Filbar's and Kaiba Studio pero hindi daw available. I've been searching for months pero wala talaga. There is this girl that I really like and I want to make her happy. She is a fan of the series - haha nagfafagirl sya kapag kinekwento nya yung series. Thank you po, please contact me at 09298267667.

    1. Unfortunately the only option you have is contact Kaiba directly or inquire with Budjette Tan, the co-creator of Trese as he might know who to direct you in acquiring the 'Kambal.'