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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

TEQ63: 8Ball DIY Prototype Preview!

06.03.2014 – After the launch of Hidden Fortress last April the creative team led by Quiccs, Tripp 63, Egg Fiasco and Bjorn Calleja continue to make great art in through street art projects and exclusive custom designer art toys.

Now Hidden Fortress expands the TEQ63 art toy with more variations, and future collaborations.

This time they are about to release a blank figure that would allow new artists create their own version of the TEQ63 with the TEQ63: 8Ball 8Ball prototype…

This prototype dubbed TEQ01 DIY Platform will be released soon and definitely it will be available also at Secret Fresh. If you’re an artist from doing comic books or a graphic artist thinking of expanding your creations into merchandise this blank art toy might be the one to help you translate your artistry to the next level.

Check out the TEQ01 DIY Platform art toy from Hidden Fortress it’s definitely a second look in putting your own creativity in customizing this art toy…

Hidden Fortress Manila is located at the basement parking of the Ronac Art Center along Ortigas Avenue way passed Green Hills Shopping Center. For more about the company visit the site at:

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