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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Certified Geek: Ronda Rousey's Passion for Pokemon!

09.14.2014 – Ronda Rousey, the Womens Bantam Weight Champion is also a model and actress (recently appearing in Expendables 3) who’s special move is an armbar. But outside the sport growing up she’s like everyone a certified geek too.

In a recent red carpet event Rousey revealed that she’s a big Pokemon fan and that’s a surprise for someone who fights at the octagon and has been the number #1 MMA Fighter in the world had a great childhood and she explains more here…

Besides being into professional wrestling, Dragon Ball Z and playing World of Warcraft she reveals growing up playing Pokemon cards and videogames.

A photo posted by rondarousey (@rondarousey) on

The 5’7” MMA Fighter shares her passion for almost everything Pokemon with the exception of the pinball game and how she lost weight growing up playing the game. Rousey, the Arm Collector is a geek as she explains in one interview below:

It seems the athlete who bends arms for a living is also a fan of Nintendo’s famous game and her competitiveness has shown that in her younger years. Besides from appreciating the characters she also likes the artworks depicting the characters. If Pokemon is real expect Ronda to be a certified Pokemon Master too.

[Source: MMA Fighting on SBN]

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