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Monday, September 22, 2014

Sights & Highlights: MIBF 2014 + Komikon Sunday!

09.22.2014 – The 35th Manila International Book Fair is not as heavily busy as Saturday, but it has its moments that each exhibitor who highlighted the authors, writers, artists converge in the biggest event that truly shows that Filipinos adored reading.

Komikon Inc. the organizers together with independent self publishing artists was on-hand from the doors opened the morning to the dismantling the last tarpaulin promoted the Filipino Komiks community with such vigor that it went successfully.

The post-coverage was witnessed during the last minutes of Gerry Alanguilan who almost done signing the last Elmer graphic novel, Pol Medina Jr. talking about book 27th for his popular Pugad Baboy comic strips down to RJ Ledesma’s latest book having a selfie with a happy family enjoying every moment being accommodated.

MIBF will be a milestone an achievement and a level up for Komikon Inc set to celebrate its 10th Komikon: The Philippine Comics Convention this November 15th. The credit is not by one individual who made it happen but a cast of passionate creative individuals who has been hard at work putting Filipino Komiks back on the mainstream map.

In the digital age of tablets, smart phones, and social media everyone already knew that Filipino Komiks existed, but what about the people who are not entirely connected to these devices and online platforms? Truly the next logical step was making the appearance at the annual Manila International Book Fair. So far it appears to be the most successful venture by those who uphold that passion that Filipino Komiks did not end in the mid-1990s it evolved into something greater than anyone who continued to patronize this part of Filipino culture.

The late afternoon was a smooth ride like a roller coaster’s decent back to its stop, but it was all that smooth all the way to the top. Friday was almost non-existent due to the strong tropical typhoon that arrived and cost a day. But when the storm cleared and the sky went blue Saturday was something highly expected.

There’s a lot of foot traffic like lining up to enter last April’s Summer Komikon only fives times bigger and the experience was the first time Komikon Inc participated in STGCC (Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention) in 2012.

It was a success and exceeded expectation when Komikon Inc was only hoping to break even for what they spent for the huge tarpaulin that was an enormous help. The same goes to renting the booth which was located in the area where publishers of religious books has occupied the entire section of the SMX Convention Center.

Everyone persevered from Paolo Herras energetic accommodation of individuals from day one with Tepai Pascual subbing for him during breaks, Lico Reloj’s non-stop handing off flyers to promote Meganon Komiks launch (event happening on September 27th at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street) and the upcoming Komikon (November 15th), Lyndon Gregorio signing his books and having the photo opportunity of the people who bought them, Lei Muncal’s focus in keeping track of the books purchased, and the rest of the gang’s support to make it the collaborative effort making sure Filipino Komiks is noticed by the mainstream public that its alive and growing beyond.

Gerry Alanguilan was ever present in the afternoon signing copies of every Rodski Patotski: Ang Dalagang Baby that he co-created with Arnold Arre, which was almost sold out on the last day.

MIBF was definitely big for Filipino Komiks to make a return in the mainstream and for that Komikon Inc’s plan to make this an annual participation beginning this year.

There were also interesting visitors to the booth from friends who annual attend any of the three Komikon events held annually. From Wednesday to Sunday it was a grind but it was productive one and a learning experience for everyone what to expect when they return to MIBF in 2015.

For now the “fun” never stops here the next one is this Saturday with the launch of Meganon Komiks at Fully Booked on September 27th 5PM.

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