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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kre-O G.I. Joe Series 2: Land Adventurer!

10.16.2014 – There have been many brands out there after LEGO®, which pioneered the construction toys. But what made the popular brick is their Minifigures, and others have followed suit with their own versions. You’ve got Mega Bloks having their HALO and Call of Duty capitalizing in military with science fiction elements.

Then you have Kre-O which is manufactured by Korean company OxFord for Hasbro that brought you Transformers, Star Trek, Battleship and G.I. Joe. Among those mentioned G.I. Joe’s getting quite the attention with their Kreon blind packs…

These blind packs are similar to what LEGO® has started with their CMS (Collectible Minifigure Series) now on its thirteenth series. With Kre-O they call their mini figures Kreons which have built their own niche in collecting these figures. So far G.I. Joe has not been that popular in the Philippines in terms of distribution as you can only find them rarely nowadays unless you’re a frequent visitor in specialty stores.

But there has been cult following a delayed resurgence of interest in these Real American Heroes in brick form. In the US the Kre-O G.I. Joe is currently in its fifth series and some sets have started to show up in toy conventions. If you’re keen eagle eye to find them you’ll bound to get hooked to build your own sets based on Hasbro’s long time flagship brand that produced countless memorable characters.

Currently the featured Kreon on the spotlight now is the chase figure known as the Land Adventurer a member of the 1970s G.I. Joe series Adventure Team featuring characters even before Snake-Eyes and Cobra Commander became household names.

Land Adventurer in the Kre-O G.I. Joe Series 2 blind pack is the chase Kreon designated as the team’s jungle expert. Each Kre-O G.I. Joe blind pack series includes one Adventure Team member and Land Adventurer came with Series 2. What’s unique with the Adventure Team Kreons is the “Life like hair” that’s similar to its original 12-inch counterpart that was released in the 1970s. Unfortunately his beard is only painted to his face rather than have similar “Life like hair” on his hair piece.

He comes with a pistol, flat plate (that should have include a decal), and a 2x2 brick as a stand for the Kreon. The print detail runs down to his shirt to his pants. The print details are also can be seen in the back of his shirt, but the waist down its blank military green.

This Kreon is rarely known by G.I. Joe enthusiasts growing up seeing the “A Real American Hero” toy line, but that’s the main characters, which populate the Kre-O sets that are being sold in North America. The Land Adventurer have its own group with the Adventure Team if you’ve got most of them he’s not entirely out of place until Hasbro decides to expand the series.

Overall the Land Adventurer is a great find to catch up if you’re only focused in getting the Adventure Team, but it would be difficult to get them as they’re only available in specialty shops and not on retail like the other competing brands.

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