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Monday, October 13, 2014

Sket One's Angry "CatchUp" Bottle!

10.13.2014 – Sket One based in New Connecticut has been a Graffiti artist since the 1990s, and has long been known for his custom art toys in the first series of the Dunny blind-boxed mini-figures by designer art toy company Kid Robot.

Most of Sket-One’s signature works has some inspiration from the Heinz ketchup design in the later part of his career through his custom art toys. His latest work with Philippine toy designer Imagine Nation Studios (INS) is the exclusive CatchUp!

The CatchUp is part of the HoodsGoodz Series and FIRST Philippine exclusive for Sket-One, which was produced by Imagine Nation Studios along with the “Big Boy” art toy that was launch titled "Nuff Varieties" at Secret Fresh last Sunday.

There was a huge turn out that came to visit and meet Sket-One at Secret Fresh, where he launched his CatchUp art toy as well as unveiling his limited edition custom art toy using the Dunny template. This also includes some rare paintings and two limited edition fire extinguishers that have Sket One’s ketchup-style labels based from Heinz and local brand Jufran. This is also his first trip in Asia to launch his first collaboration work with designer toy makers

The CatchUp art toy was sold out in less than an hour as they only produced 25 pieces packaged in a black box priced at PhP 3,800.00 pesos. This is has been a planned art toy that started being conceptualized in 2012 and it took almost two years for the project to push through and the rest is history.

A closer look of CatchUp appears to be grimacing in anger holding a broken ketchup bottle that is ready to beat up somebody. Imagine Nation Studios used resin as base material to produce the limited released CatchUp based from Sket-One’s design. CatchUp adds to the ever growing Secret Fresh exclusive art toys that will be released again with a limited run. But the next release could possible be a different ketchup bottle and might be based from Jufran ketchup bottle an original brand in the Philippines.

The sturdy figurine is packaged in a simple black box featuring Sket One’s signature Heinz-style label and soft foam to protect the figure if you plan to keep it in storage. Currently CatchUp is sold out along with the limited Dunny customs that where on display during the toy launch.

CatchUp is a first collaboration with Imagine Nation Studios and Secret Fresh gallery. For more future events and exclusive launches LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @FreshManila

Imagine Nation Studios (INS) one of the leading toy custom companies in the Philippines produced some of the well known urban lifestyle art toys both locally and internationally. For more of their future projects and past releases LIKE Imagine Nation Studios on Facebook!

Check out Sket One’s future projects just LIKE Sket One Productions on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @SketOne

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  1. That's so cool, I want one! Too bad I'll probably never own one. Great review!