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Monday, November 3, 2014

Building Worlds with David Hontiveros: A feature on Philippine Daily Inquirer!

The blog has new purpose and that is to give a more pronounced presence for my award winning Uncle on social media (I'm his Social Media pimp so to speak- Social Media Manager is a better way of putting it also :p)

I mentioned on a recent post that my uncle - Author, writer and comic book writer - David Hontiveros will be featured on this Sunday's Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday Magazine, I picked up a copy of the newspaper this morning and unfortunately the feature wasn't there. I've been informed that there was a delay in the printing and that it would be available on the November 9 edition but no need to be sad since there is already a digital copy of the article available!

(Yehey!) I would recommend that you still get the physical copy though - I'm old fashioned that way (still prefer physical copies of albums over the digital downloads). 

Many thanks to Ruel S. Vera for the feature- there were a lot of things that I didn't know - that my grandmother read horror stories and that my grandparents took my then 8 year old uncle to watch "The Omen" which was rated R back in 1976. Were my grandparents cool or what?! 

Photos from the Philippine Daily Inquirer

You can read more about David's project on the Philippine Daily Inquirer!

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