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Sunday, December 14, 2014

TMNT 2012 Basic: Dojo Splinter!

12.14.2014 – Splinter is one of the key characters in all the iterations from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He has served as mentor and father figure for the four turtles he raised in the sewers upon exposure to the mutagen that made him a rat.

For some origins he’s either a human named Hamato Yoshi or a rat that gained knowledge upon getting doused by the experimental ooze, but overall he’s one of the main characters in the series either comicbook or in animation. In the latest series he’s not only in his robes, but has geared to battle as “Dojo Splinter!”

In TMNT lore Splinter is the wise and masterful former member of the Foot Clan who fought The Shredder for the woman they both love. But was cast off by tragedy with the death of his wife and lost his daughter, which was revealed in the series that she was alive raised by the Shredder himself.

In various iterations of the cartoon and live action Splinter plays the vital role for the four turtles who would be the ‘Heroes of the Half Shell’ that they are now. Mostly Splinter portrays a secondary character in the previous series. But with the Nickelodeon produced series though the focus is always on the four turtles Splinter also plays a vital role that makes this an interesting show to watch.

Dojo Armoured Rat

Splinter is mostly known to only wear his usual attire in the previous series rarely have seen wearing a different outfit. But this might be the first for his action figure to wear a Japanese Kendo armour complete with Shinai (Kendo stick) and a removable head piece that conceal his face molded to Splinter’s features.

For those who have not consistently seen the series this appeared towards the later part of season 2 which was only worn once. But to see Splinter in a different garb is a fresh look of the character that has been often sidelines in the sewers with his usual outfit not exactly for the battlefield. This is one of those rare Splinter figures produced that is armed and ready to beat Shredder in his own game

Bulky but Furry Fighter

If the first version of Splinter has all the articulations that he need to fully fight off a horde of Foot Clan ninjas this figure is expected to have limited movement. It’s not like Shredder has problems being physical imposing, but for Splinter it might be a challenge to have some movements as this figure has that limitation.

Though not as detailed as you expected once you take out ‘Dojo Splinter’ from the packaging there are still some nitpicking when it comes to this figure. Some have unpainted parts and as mentioned the limited articulation, which hinders figure to be something worth to look forward to. But if you’re not looking for that perfection this is as close to having a Splinter not in robes.

Well Rounded Samurai

‘Dojo Splinter’ is a fresh take on the character in a different outfit and it might not look like he’s about to take on a bunch of Foot Clan Bots, but surely for anyone familiar with the spot of Kendo can appreciate that Playmates Toys definitely making it a reality to having Splinter wear this armour.

Overall limited articulations sometimes takes a backseat when you’re after design aesthetics for a character that is familiar for being the ‘stay-in’ mentor for most of the versions of the TMNT series. But for the most recent one this makes Splinter something more like a modern take than the usual look that is a must pick up for those who follow the series.

Dojo Splinter is part of the fourth wave of TMNT figures based on the hit TV show manufactured by Playmates Toys, and it’s retailed at PhP 499.75 pesos.

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