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Thursday, January 1, 2015

DM Minion Made: Lead Singer Minion!

01.01.2015 – In 2013 Despicable ME 2 was dominated by the yellow in blue uniformed foot soldiers known as the Minions. They’re the dark horse going back to the original feature film from DreamWorks Animation Studios.

The merchandise of course was literally sold out due to the driving force of the Despicable ME films, which earned a spinoff telling the origins of the gibberish speaking Minions to have their own animated feature film of the same name.

Now the new film won’t be here soon but the merchandise keeps on producing new Minion-related products. Even expanded their popularity with Mega Bloks sets based from the characters portrayed in the Despicable ME films. But Thinkway Toys who has been producing the action figures and other merchandise are still at it with their “Minion Made” line of Minion figures that started with Despicable ME 2.

In some markets or countries there are only the first wave of Minions that made it to toy isles like Toys R’ Us and Toy Kingdom in the Philippines. But in countries like Australia they continued to bring the second wave of these yellow-skinned spandex troopers commanded by Gru who also had his own action figure in-scale with them.

The second wave has not made it to the Philippine market, but sightings in Australia’s retail stores like Big W, Kmart and Target have already them in stock for $15.00 AU dollars each. There’s one notable Minion that you might have seen towards the tail end of Despicable ME 2 when they started to sing “I Swear” by R n’ B group Boys To Men. There were actually four Minions in white suit that performed, but Thinkway Toys only released two as the new wave released for each theme they come in pairs.

So the Lead Singer Minion has a Back up Singer Minion to do a duet. But for now this Lead Singer Minion solo standing almost 3 inch tall with articulated arms molded to do his singing pose. Though there was no exact detail to who this Minion is but as the card describe it’s the “Lead Singer Minion.”

Overall the molding of the figure is based from the scene in Despicable ME 2 where he sang “I Swear” and grooved with the rest of the gang to belt out the popular Village People song in “Y.M.C.A.” that’s quite a nostalgic tune.

It’s okay that there is less articulation on this figure, but good enough to add another Minion to the roster of growing variation that was seen in the films and they haven’t started with the new figures based on the spinoff animated “Minions” movie.

Despicable ME Minion Made: Lead Singer Minion is produced by Thinkway Toys and it’s sold currently in retail stores in Australia for $15.00 AU dollars.

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