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Friday, January 2, 2015

Sighted: Happy Meal AU's Private Penguin!

01.02.2015 – It’s been a long wait for the Australians to get a hold of the latest Happy Meal featuring the Penguins of Madagascar, which was released last week replacing the Max Steel and Barbie toys that’s been on display prior to the holidays.

The latest Happy Meal from down under promoting DreamWorks Animation Studios’ Penguins of Madagascar has been announced...

Since it’s the summer holidays in Australia new films started to come out and Penguins of Madagascar is all set to be shown on January 8, 2015. Just like in other markets every Happy Meal toy released is unique for that region. They have eight variations of Private, Rico Kowalski and Skipper for Australia with slight different line-up.

For example in the Philippines they also have eight Penguins, but with two of them different from the one released in Australia or in some places in Europe. It’s similar to the Despicable ME toys in 2013 and Megamind in 2010.

In Australia two new variation of the Penguins was released the one sighted earlier is the “Private Penguin” if you look closely the image shows its gimmick, while the other one not yet released is “Kowalski Flips.” Pretty sure you’ll be keeping an eye on Kowalski when he comes out as most people are lining up to complete all eight of the Penguins of Madagascar. “Private Penguin” is different from the “Skipper” reissued previously for the Madagascar toys. This was released in the Philippines and the rest of the Asian countries.

The gimmick for “Private Penguin” is he squirts water from his bill, while the later “Skipper” produced sound bites taken from the second Madagascar film. You can purchase the Happy Meal toy in any McDonald’s outlet in Australia for $2.00 AU dollars without the need to have the meal.

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