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Saturday, January 3, 2015

HW Garage 219 of 250: Lotus Esprit S1!

01.03.2015 – For many years James Bond has been aided with impressive gadgets and gizmo in thwarting criminals as well as big corporate villains wanting to rule the world.

In the early years of the films the car he preferred to drive was the Ashton Martin DB5.

Well Mr. Bond is not restricted to driving Ashton Martin to promote a car brand, but back in the 1980s when Roger Moore was Agent 007 he has the Lotus Esprit S1 sports car!

The car itself has its own trivial behind the scenes stories and it had another name known as “Wet Nellie” which appeared in “The Spy Who Loved Me” that expanded the popularity of the James Bond franchise.

There was another personality to the “Wet Nellie” which was seen in the long car chase sequence converting into a submarine. Yes, IT WAS a submarine how cool is that? But in the real world the Perry Oceanographic-built submarine was actually a modified version of the actual car. The real Lotus Esprit S1 (or known as Series 1) does not change into “Wet Nellie” but also a stand-in to the customized-looking submarine.

It’s actually a prop car converted into a submarine, which was sold to American business magnate Elon Musk at auction for £650,000 in September 2013 by RM Auctions at Battersea Park, London. The current owner has plans to install a Tesla electric powertrain in the submarine S1 and make it transform into a road-going car.

As impressive as the prop car the real Esprit S1 which was a beauty originally built in United Kingdom by Lotus from 1976 to 2004. It was first introduced as a concept car in 1972 then started mass producing it in 1976.

The Hot Wheels version released for 2015 was a nostalgic one though it doesn't convert into “Wet Nellie” it is still one of those exotic cars that define James Bond’s identity in the popular culture. Probably Hot Wheels will come up with a submarine version and release it as a variant or a special die cast collectible. It’s still an impressive car that distinguished itself from later Esprits by a shovel-style front air dam, Fiat X1/9 tail lights, lack of body-side ducting, and Wolfrace alloy wheels.

Of course the Hot Wheels version was toned down when it comes to the details and this is just one of the first releases as there are also other variant colors that’s already being sold on retail. Just like the Ashton Martin DB5 the Lotus Esprit S1 comes in another color.

The white version will always be unique compared to a red version as it has made an identity of its own as James Bond’s sports car. But not as iconic as the popular DB5 though its still one of those cars that you’ll never take your eyes off when you see it on the road. Hot Wheels did not disappoint in making a follow-up to the James Bond’s cars and there will be more where that came from for now this one is an eye catcher to have.

Hot Wheels is retailed in the Philippines for PhP 99.75 pesos which are locally distributed by Rich Prime. This was acquired at Big W in Adelaide South Australia for $ 2.25 AU Dollars.

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