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Friday, June 12, 2015

HW Tooned II 88 of 250: Snoopy!

06.12.2015 – Every Hot Wheels car has a story it’s either based on the design or just an interesting conversation why this particular vehicle is unique. But when you talk about cars based on popular culture its something that is less discussed by its image.

There are a few things to think about the Peanuts gang’s pooch. There has been a diecast car that has Snoopy prints in them and also shaped like the beagle himself…

But when collaborating with Hot Wheels its something you might take a look closer.

In 2014 Hot Wheels has included Snoopy as part of the 250 cars that was released for that year, which also his debut being a “New Model” car. What’s unique about this is the radical concept that infused Snoopy and the trademark of a Hot Wheels car.

The first release for 2014 notably the US carded version has more details about the character and how interesting this character was:

Born: October 4, 1950

Birthplace: Daisy Hill Puppy Farm

Specialty: A legend in his own mind. Snoopy can take to the skies as the World War 1 Flying Ace, rule the college campus as Joe Cool, or write an unpublished manuscript as the World Famous Author. No matter where his imagination takes him, Snoopy always comes back to his doghouse for a home cooked meal from "that round-headed kid."

Snoopy on a Road Rage

When you talked about designing a diecast car that has Snoopy in mind Hot Wheels seemed to think radically crazy like the brand for past forty years. It’s a marriage of putting an original character and how it would look like if it’s a Hot Wheels car.

The concept looks out of the box as Snoopy sitting on top of his dog house just like the “World War I Flying Ace” putting his imagination that he’s driving a mean machine hell bent on running over its path. Of course the designers behind the casting of this car have to put a huge engine with a set of large wheels in the rear and small in the front where things appear to be wild.

Beagle Rider is a Sweet Driver

It appears this is a first Hot Wheels car that definitely has Snoopy on the helm of this hot rod machine, that’s entirely made of diecast parts. The only thing that’s not diecast is the Snoopy figurine in a driving position made of soft plastic, which can be removed as he’s only pegged to a hole on the roof of his house.

Overall appearance looks wild but when you think about it there’s no other Hot Wheels car that has this kind of design. This definitely stands out compared to another brand that also have the licensed in producing a Snoopy car the way it differs from when you see a Hot Wheels car.

Hot Wheels is retailed in the Philippines for PhP 99.75 pesos which are locally distributed by Rich Prime.

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