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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Toy Sightings: Shopkins Season 3!

06.06. 2015 – There must be something about Shopkins that not every majority of people who are into nowadays. But if you’ve been into toy stores you’ll notice them disappear in less than days as previously sighted.

The new Season 3 packs and other assortments have been seen a few days ago at Toys R’ us that did not last a week as expected. The popularity of this line has been phenomenal and you still wonder and ask why?

There is new Shopkins Season 3 released as noticeable with the minty green color compared to the designated purple for Season 2 and blue color for Season 1. There’s even a new stand where you can immediately see it along with the previously released Seasons but expect this not to last long as you can see the last of its image below:

Shopkins is manufactured by Moose Enterprise and distributed in the Philippines by Richwell Prime. For more details of the product LIKE Richwell Club on Facebook!

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