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Friday, June 5, 2015

Toy Sightings: Elite Force!

06.05. 2015 – If you’ve been a fan of the 4 inch or 1:18 scale action figures chances are you’ve been into G.I. Joe. But since Hasbro hasn’t been consistent lately or its local distributor in the Philippines you tend to wonder if there are other alternatives.

There are selective alternatives to the Real American Hero it’s so happens that some of these are not as par with Hasbro’s quality. But the military toys are not going away so soon...

With the Elite Force has been sighted as one of those alternatives for those into military hobbyists...

The revival of the Elite Force toy line by Blue Box International Ltd. (B.B.I) has had its own ups and downs. But from time to time a new line of military vehicles gets stocked in the toy shelves of the Philippines own amazing toy store that rivals the Toys R’ us exclusive True Heroes line that has less emphasis in quality for more ‘play value’ for a younger market.

But over the years if you’re into detailed military toys Elite Force has focused it target market for older hobbyist. The vehicles and its figures tries its best to be updated close to its real world counterparts while sometimes sacrifices its quality to be affordable to the mainstream market, which competes with the Hasbro’s G.I. Joe line that has slowly being removed from toy shelves all over the world and ending up more being available to their paid subscription only collectors club.

Elite Force still continues to be relevant and becoming the alternative for G.I. Joe and who are into being military hobbyists. The new line seemed to be a mix bag of sorts but you can never go wrong if you’ve been looking for other things aside from G.I. Joe, which can now tend to be available in specialty stores.

The new line that was sighted features newly sculpted action figures, which is very much detailed. But when it comes to articulation they still incorporate more flexibility from head to waist. The leg articulation is in question due to what they have to sacrifice in terms of keeping the quality. The featured assortments are for 1:18 scale so it’s interesting how the vehicles can be reused for G.I. Joe and the designs are more real world modern military than fictional.

But just like any brand of action figures the rising cost can be seen as a single carded figure is now at PhP 399.75 pesos ($ 8.90 US), while the basic vehicles like “Delta Force Attack Vehicle” and “M113 Desert Armored Vehicle” is at PhP 899.75 pesos ($ 19.95 US) which includes an action figure.

The only assortment with the same price point at PhP 899.75 pesos ($ 19.95 US) that doesn’t come with a figure is the “Army Ranger Assault Air Force”, which is a glider that you can actually throw in the air that also comes with a working parachute for 1:18 scale figures.

There are larger vehicles too that includes more than two figures and sometimes an extra small vehicle. They are the “Army Strike M-6 Spec Ops Little Bird” at PhP 1,499.75 pesos ($ 33.30 US) and the “MI-24 HIND Armored Gunship” at PhP 2,499.75 pesos ($ 54.44 US) as good alternative for you ever growing military collection if there’s no Joe vehicle in sight.

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